American Ghost Pilot Episode
American Ghost Pilot Episode

This project has already launched.

American Ghost is a live-action, prime-time-length webseries that follows eight Detroit teens as they juggle high school, growing up and performing as a local cross-genre band (the titular American Ghost) while solving mysteries. This series features original music written by local artists and performed by the cast in music-video style montage scenes.

A New Series For A New Era Of Film

The era of Hollywood is over. Mired as they are in their overly-competitive, narrowly-focused method of film making, the can no longer create, only copy. It's time for a new era, one where creativity reigns, where co-operation, not competition drives writers to new heights.

My name is Tzvi Krasner. I'm a Detroit-area screenwriter and film-maker looking for your help to jump start the new Hollywood in the only frontier left to us: the internet. Freed from the 24-hour constraints of the broadcast day, unshackled from the poisonous air of constant competition that has stifled creativity, Canopy Media Productions looks to re-establish what once was by creating completely original content outside the rigid conventions of the Hollywood power structure.

Our first step is American Ghost, a unique young adult mystery series with a multi-ethnic cast and featuring music never before heard. And you get to help us make it.

Donate To Create

For a ninety-minute pilot episode, $15,000 is pretty appropriate. It includes paying crew and cast, getting equipment and transportation, renting locations and a host of other details most people never think about. But if you're worried that this might be a scam, don't be. This money goes only one place: production costs.

See, we need this episode so we can start the ball rolling on the rest of the series, and so we can start bringing the world new shows and films like they've never seen. And if we don't hit our goal, we won't touch a cent until we find a way to pay for what we did get doesn't cover.

Creating A New Frontier

There's an entire world of actors, writers and crew out there who'll never get the shot at working on a big Hollywood blockbuster, because there's only so many jobs. By creating a new center of the industry, by creating another frontier, Canopy and those studios like it are revitalizing the field. Series like American Ghost will do what shows like M*A*S*H and The West Wing did, break ground into an entirely new way of doing things.

Risks & Challenges

It won't be easy. But nothing worth doing ever is. As young production companies, Canopy and its brethren have a long fight ahead. But we've got something the big film companies can no longer claim- originality. More and more, the shows and films that take audiences by surprise and rope them in aren't coming from MGM and Dreamworks. They're coming from places like Roosterteeth. The revolution has already begun, and now we're going to force the door wide open.

Doesn't Have To Be Money

With this economy, maybe you just don't have the cash. But someone else might. Get the word out. Tell your friends, your classmates, your coworkers, your mother's book club. Offer to help with equipment, transportation or finding locations. For a small company like ours, everything could be useful. Because that's what Canopy does: We Cover Everything.

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