Let’s build the perfect boutique hotel together
Let’s build the perfect boutique hotel together

This project has already launched.



Amberlair has a revolutionary approach to set up boutique hotels around the world. Through innovative use of crowdsourcing and social media, Amberlair brings together the global travel community and lets them have a say even before the hotels are built.

Our community of backers - who we dearly address as #boholovers, meaning boutique hotel lovers - are involved from day one, both creatively and financially. Even our name was crowdsourced, because hundred minds work better than one.

And guess what? Our community has also chosen the location of the first Amberlair in Italy. With the help of our community, we are going to develop a historic villa in Puglia, Italy, and to turn it into the perfect boutique hotel.


We give power back to the guests, allowing them to shape how a property will be used and what it will look like to have the best boutique hotel experience imaginable. Guests can participate, interact, influence, back, fund or simply lay back and watch it happen. 

Look at this amazing bird house. It could be a restaurant, a bar or a roman bath. You decide!



There is a strong demand for luxury hotels in Puglia, but a lack of true boutique hotels in the region.


A spectacular site will be transformed into the first Amberlair boutique hotel.



Today’s luxury travellers are looking for authentic experiences, and Puglia can truly deliver that.


  • Historical Villa
  • Farm Houses / Towers
  • Cave Rooms
  • Luxury Tents
  • Spacious Rooftop Terraces
  • Aviary
  • SPA / Swimming Pool
  • Wedding destination with a famous pilgrim church within walking distance



  • Located between two crystal clear seas, the Ionian and the Adriatic, within 20 minutes to pristine beaches
  • Puglia was voted one of the world’s Top 10 Destinations for Wine Tourism in 2013 by Wine Enthusiast USA
  • Significant number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in its close proximity
  • Castel del Monte / Castellana Grotte / Trulli of Alberobello / Lecce
  • Little cone like stone buildings known as Trulli are only found in Puglia




ForbesBHNWTMNational Geographic and many publications on various blogs, although we must confess that we have tried to keep it a secret, and away from mainstream media, for as long as we could, until now. Why? Because the surprise would be spoiled.

We have organically attracted a steady-growing community of Amberlair ambassadors - well-known travel, lifestyle and luxury bloggers and global travellers ...

Mrs. O Around the World
Luxury Columnist
Velvet Escape
Global Grasshopper 

Are you a boutique hotel lover? Send us an email and join our community!

Jean Carmela of Holy Smithereens




"To involve guests from day one seems a good idea. For many hotels, people stay there only once after finding rooms online and they do not have a relationship with the brand. Through our crowdsourcing and social media, people can get more involved to the idea and the brand from day one, and put their heart in the project." ~ Amberlair in the WTM Global Trends Report 2015



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