Amazing Dental Power- tastes like an
Amazing Dental Power- tastes like an "Altoid," you can EAT and WE NEED CANS.

This project has already launched.

Did you know that the daily assault of chemicals contribute to what's called "sick building syndrome?"  I know. I had it. 

Personal care and cosmetic products are the worst offenders as they are used daily.  

What you PUT on your skin, goes into your bloodstream and what you PUT in your mouth(even if you rinse), goes quickly into your bloodstream.

So we are making a CLEAN dental product, with BOLD flavor and it comes in an environmentally friendly package...and you can eat it!

We make a very unique dental powder with USDA organic plant materials (like essential oils). It's strong and based on science & caries research to provide intense flavor, but also is highly functional.  

Because of our oils are so HOT,  we could only use glass or aluminum to make our package.  Our can is environmentally friendly, easy to recycle and keeps the product stored in an airtight container, which keeps it really fresh!  IT's lightweight, so you can travel well with it and it saves on gas/oil used for transportation.

The problem is that we have to buy our other flavors now.  Cans cost a fortune because we are having to buy tens of thousands of any flavor...and we need three more flavors printed!    There are NO small runs for this type of package. 

We are using Kickstarter to raise awareness of our product, but to also lessen the burden of buying our new can flavors.  $20,000 is a dent for what we need, but we can hopefully go well over that!   WE REALLY COULD USE THE HELP.  I just finished paying off our packaging line equipment (YIKES). 

We have to get cans no matter what, so we are truly hoping we can get things rolling with Kickstarter.  We have a good thing going and a GREAT product. You will enjoy it. 

Getting started, after all, is the BIGGEST challenge!  

We thank you so very much for pledging and getting involved with Frau Fowler!  

danke schoen,

Ben and Perry Fowler

We just won a serious natural foods award....just wish it included 60K in cash also!

Check our trips on the pledges. We'll have soooo much fun!

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