Alter-Life: The Graphic Novel
Alter-Life: The Graphic Novel

This project has already launched.


What if death is not the end, but merely the beginning of infinite possibilities? In Alter-Life, all things are possible, and death is but a moment in existence.

It’s been a rough few years. Trapped in a dead-end job, his wife and child recently killed in an accident, Jake decides to end it all.

On that day, at the very time and place he decides to kill himself, he is presented with a chance to bring meaning to his existence. Just as this meaning becomes clear, Jake is killed. The world goes black...

Suddenly, he finds himself standing at the very place and time he was before he died. Everything is different, but everything's the same. This discovery will send him on quest for the truth about his past and the source of his new found abilities.

This is a tale of love and redemption. An everyman learning to live with his regrets and confront the demons of his past. Jake is lost in his infinite lives, searching for the meaning behind all of his existences.


We want to finish Alter-Life... Completely.

In 2016, we ran two successful Comic Book Kickstarter projects that were completely finished and shipped to backers. Both series received great reviews from various sources, some of which can be found at

One of these two projects was Alter-Life Issue #1: The Issue was met with great enthusiasm and excitement. You can see that campaign HERE.

After polling our audience, and weighing all options, we have decided that instead of stringing you all along issue by issue, we are going to bring you the Full Alter-Life Experience in ALTER-LIFE: The Graphic Novel. This is the COMPLETE STORY of Jake.

Over the past year we have made great connections and have outlets for this series to become a major success. If we can complete the FULL comic as a graphic novel, we WILL have the best chance at distribution, and WILL be able to get this crazy series out into the world, but we need your help to make this dream come true!


We, as storytellers, want to give you the fullest and richest experience as readers and backers of Alter-Life. So, we are pulling out all of the stops and bringing you something special.

The story of Alter-Life will be told in roughly 170 full-color pages with thank you pages, variant covers, and conceptual art included.

In addition, the more funding we raise, the more we will be adding. Hopefully we will add 25-30 process notes, storyboard breakdowns, and other exclusive art and writing about the process from concept to completion for both Alter-Life Kickstarter campaigns.

This will round out the ALTER-LIFE: Complete Edition to a whopping 200 pages of wonderful goodness for you and your eyeballs!!

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