Alohomora - Magical Automated Safety Gate Unlocking Module
Alohomora - Magical Automated Safety Gate Unlocking Module

This project has already launched.

Ever felt troubled and inconvenienced by your baby/ pet gate? Especially when you have absolutely no hands but die die also need to squeeze out a hand to open the gate? Well, ALOHOMORA is here to help!

ALOHOMORA is an automated unlocking module that can be installed on existing pet or baby gates, allowing adults/pet owners to walk through them hands-free.

Here's what PEOPLE have to say about ALOHOMORA:

"Our current gate is troublesome to unlock and lock fully so usually, we leave it such that it can be opened if pushed, and sometimes they learn how to push open the door and they sneak into the kitchen and dig in the trash." - Kimberly, 19

"Auto-unlocking will make it more convenient and easier to move around the house." - Iris Goh, 45

"Definitely an essential for allowing me to facilitate through the house as though there is no gate in the first place!" - Chloe, 20

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