Aloha handmade tie
Aloha handmade tie


My name is Gerelzaya. I am from Mongolia. I have been thinking about my project since I came to BYU-Hawaii. I want to build a project which I can continue to operate when I go back to my country. I have always wanted to own my own business.  More importantly, I’ve always wanted to contribute something to my country and people.  I therefore came up with this idea of making handmade ties.

Why handmade? By generating a product that is manufactured strictly by hand, I can provide jobs for others. Statistics show that 27.4 % of Mongolia’s population lives in poverty. Can you believe that? Almost one out of three people lives in vulnerable conditions. One of the main reasons is unemployment.

I have selected a product that is widely used, easy to make and requires few resources. With a strong marketing plan, and a commitment towards quality, I will work towards name recognition and product demand. Additionally, I will choose eco-friendly fabric, which can also benefit the environment.

I will utilize this time in Hawaii to fine tune the product.  There are students here who need work to fund their studies and support their families. When I go back to my country, I will have an established company that I can continue to operate in Mongolia. 

As a special thank-you to my donors, I will present them with a specially designed hand-made tie.  Not only will they feel my gratitude for their generosity, they will also be walking advertisements of my product.  When someone asks them “where did you get that great tie”, they will be able to refer them to me.

My project is simple but can benefit everyone who is involved in it. Mahalo for your great support.

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