Allians CCG Kickstarter
Allians CCG Kickstarter

This project has already launched.

About this project

Allians is a breakthrough in the evolution of digital card games. Unlike any other CCG, the cards represent real people - meaning you and your friends can become playable collector's cards! Card strengths are based on the players achievements in external gaming platforms like Steam as well as progression in Allians itself. This means that you, and all participating players out there, are the ever-evolving characters in this free-to-play game - for Android, iOS and Steam.

Collect cards from players to make them your Allies, then build decks and assign game changing skills to them. You can even equip your own in-game card with mighty powers. Lead your Allies and favorite faction to victory in battles against other players!

You win by beating the opposing player in one-on-one clashes between your cards. You need to whittle down the enemy's health to zero before he does the same to you. When you run out of cards your rounds will be numbered... But it's never to late for a comeback! With the innovative card revival feature you can once again turn the odds to your favor.

Early testers have quickly embraced the unique character concept, our new spin on card game mechanics and the focused 1v1 board design. We are certain you will do the same! 


 (Click the image to read the article - It is written by someone who has tried the game!)

Before we dig into details we urge you to create a sneak peek of your very own card! Head over to and compare your strength with your friends. And don't worry if your stats are not over the roof; there is a time and place for each card in Allians.



Here is a selection of high profile players who support the game concept. These Allians Friends are known streamers, top CCG players, artists, cosplayers and even a Guinness record achievement hunter who backers can pick to add to their deck. Here's the current, and growing, list of supporters at 
Think you should be in it? Let us know!

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