All the Curries
All the Curries

This project has already launched.

The next food revolution is about to happen in America, we aim to bring the highly misrepresented Indian cuisine to your kitchens!

About this project

A vast majority of you have eaten at an alleged "Indian" eatery and would have for the most part appreciated the food. Give us a chance to educate you, the food that you ate was not authentic Indian food. Around 90% of the eateries serving Indian food in the United States are essentially Americanized Indian food outlets. At All the Curries, our intent is to provide you with real Indian spices and the freshest ingredients to make authentic Indian food in your kitchen! Welcome to the food experience that will expose your palate to the taste of authentic Indian food, which will leave you currying for more!

Each packaged and ready-to-cook food kit will include real Indian spices and ingredients that are halal, kosher, and freshly/locally sourced. At All the Curries, we want to expose you to healthy, therapeutic, fresh, and absolutely delicious food and ingredients. We will also customize the spice levels based on your appetite and tolerance.

Once we go live we will have both subscription as well as individual meal plans, each meal is good for two people.

In larger scheme of things, once we go live in the US, our intent is to expand this idea to Canada and Europe as well.

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