ALIVO - Just a Gentle Nudge to Fitness
ALIVO - Just a Gentle Nudge to Fitness

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Just a gentle nudge to fitness!  

Meet ALIVO, your desktop and bedside companion who prompts you to get healthy and active, and sees that you get a good night’s sleep. When you’ve sat too long while working at your computer, talking on the phone, reading a magazine, watching TV, or playing video games, ALIVO prompts you to get up and get moving. And it tracks and reports on your progress as you achieve your fitness goal. Manage your time wisely, boost your energy level, increase your productivity, and feel more alive with ALIVO.

Presenting ALIVO  

The new way to get healthy and active. 

ALIVO is your personal coach who gently nudges you to meet your fitness goals with the latest motion-sensing technology and an engaging app suitable for your home or office. 

Meet ALIVO Family ALIVO 

  • iBall - A simple stylish Z-Wave motion sensor 
  • ALIVO Hub - The world slimmest Z-Wave smart home USB hub 
  • ALIVO Mobile App - An engaing mobile app for both iOS and Android

How ALIVO Can Benefit You 

Using small motion sensors, called iBalls, ALIVO detects your level of activity as you work at your desk or sit and play video games or watch TV. ALIVO prompts you to get active when you have sat for too long. And in your bedroom, ALIVO can let you know when you have restless or healthy sleep patterns. 

Sedentary Checker- Getting away from sluggish lifestyle 

Give yourself a break from your sedentary lifestyle. ALIVO breaks your sitting period with reminders. Suggestions are given for what activities to do during the break. Aligned with what health experts have figured out that it can make a big difference to your health, if you take a posture break, stand up and move around for a couple of minutes every 20-30 minutes. 

Break-time Mission - Suggesting Break Activities  

To help you get the most from breaks from sedentary periods of your life, ALIVO allows you to select the break activity that fits your need. It helps you finish the daily errands that you often forget while concentrating on your job.

Sleep Reminder - Alerting you for when to sleep  

Getting to bed on time is tough when video games, fun shows, or unavoidable work assignments are calling your name. ALIVO lets you set up a bedtime as your goal, and provides constant reminders and messages to keep you aware of when to go for a sleep. Staying awake into the bed time hours could come with a big cost for your body. ALIVO reminds you when its time to go to bed. It also knows when you are still stay awake after bed time and gives you warnings according to the human biological clock.

Sleep Report - Increasing sleep quality with proper monitoring 

You Can't Improve What you Don't Measure. ALIVO monitors your movement pattern in bed at night and gives you a Sleep Quality Report every morning. You get a better understanding of how you sleep. You will receive reports on how many times you get up during the middle of night and the total hours of your light versus deep sleep each night. Let ALIVO help improve your night’s sleep and allow you to wake up feeling more alert and energized.

Wakeup Greetings - Simple morning reminders for daily inspiration  

ALIVO knows what time you get up. Therefore, A delightful morning message is automatically sent to you when we sense you awake. To begin your day, we awaken you each morning with a sleep quality report.

Habit Tracker - Keeping good habits  

ALIVO sensing technology records the hours you spend awake, asleep and in sedentary periods, helping you understand how to adopt a healthier lifestyle . For example, ALIVO encourages you to adopt to a regular bedtime and, through our sleep-monitoring algorithm, provides a report as to how well you sleep at night.

Our Journey

Most of us have been suffering from working for long hours without considering the limit of our bodies. We often push ourselves to the limits without taking a break.

In a chance discussion, one of our team members shared with us a true story from her life. About two summers ago her beloved uncle got had a sudden stroke while he was driving resulting in a car accident. As a result he said to her “Stand while you can, walk while you are still capable, and treat your body well when you still have the second chance. I never realize how good it felt back when I could still stand and walk.” This made her realize how bad her judgements were in respect of her personal lifestyle and health, leading us on the journey of building ALIVO. 

We notice that so-called sitting diseases are gradually eroding our health in modern life. It’s about time to change. With ALIVO, we try to address this problem in life, and given our background and experience, we started craving for a device that could help us develop a solution for this.

ALIVO is in development by an amazing and experienced team of Taiwan’s leading software engineers and designers based in Seattle, Portland and Taipei. We know our stuff well. Built upon the combination of the IoT, sensors, cloud service, and apps, we designed and developed ALIVO for motivating people to get up, get active and get healthy.  

We have come a long way working with our hardware manufacturer to make the prototype. Now, it is time for a more comprehensive test of our apps and hardware. We hope that with your support, we can go for mass production and launch our product and service to the market.  

We need your help! If you like our idea and would love to give it a try, please back us to bring ALIVO alive. We look forwards to seeing more and more people get up, get active, and get healthy!

About the Team

The members of our team come from different backgrounds and locate in different cities. There are software engineers and web development experts from the home town of cloud service – Seattle; designers and social media marketing guru from the land of creative artists – Portland, Oregan; and industrial designers, photographers, and hardware/embedded software engineers from the origin of high quality products – Taiwan. We work closely with experienced IoT manufacturers in Taiwan to create a seamless experience between hardware and software.

With years of experience in cloud service, embedded device development and over a decade of consumer software service and support expertise, we have confidence to come out a robust solution with simplicity in design and user interface. We began the journey here and want to share our idea with you, hoping that you can join us for a better and healthier future!   

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