Dawn of the Zombie
Dawn of the Zombie

The first 100 people to sign up will get A free beta! (And $50 of store credit when the game launches for multiplayer online)

everyone who signs up will get alien eddie 1 for free! Get ready for online gameplay, and survival at its most grotesque!Registration means our team will answer questions you may Have, and consider your suggestions.   


Dawn of the Zombie will be a one player game, and an MMO. You can play by yourself if you choose to, or you can join in online, survive, rebuild society, be a merchant, farmer, bandit, or block off your own part of the city, and open up a store. In game currency will be exchanged into actual currency in real life.

                   Be a store owner and make actual money!

If you are a store owner, you will need to block off a part of the city, so that you can open your store. You become the mayor of that mini town. This is now a town that you control. You will be able to purchase NPC soldiers to guard the perimeter of your town. People will come in to your town with their lute, and sell it to you, if you are willing to buy. You can then sell the same items to people who are unwilling to risk their lives, time and resources to scavenge for themselves. You will also be able to purchase items from the main store, (game store) and have them shipped to you via caravan. Items will cost less when you purchase from other players (You can barter with them). You will however pay a tax to the game when you sell merchandise.

                                         Real Survival!

Food, fuel, lumber, batteries, clothes, etc, will all be necessities in this world. You will not be able to survive without them. You will also be able to purchase trucks and NPC Soldiers to venture out and lute on a massive scale.

Killing zombies will be difficult for a novice, but you will find that luting zombies will prove to be rather lucrative.     

This is our Zombie Survival game -  and you are welcome to our hell! 


You can help support us early by purchasing Alien Eddie 1                      (Really fun game, with new music updates coming soon)


Alien Eddie 1 -   Purchase Alien Eddie 1 for $2.99  - Half off if you share on Facebook or twitter when your are directed there!



Thank you to everyone who has checked out our project and we look forward to reading and responding to your comments. 




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