Alice in Pinballand
Alice in Pinballand

Alice Pinballand-Mobille game

Company & Team Introduction

The story begins in 2014, a group of game developers who dreamed game and go through all kinds of hardships in the Game world gathered together to start their journey of creation, their name is Yusoar. After a kinds of projects , they can make online games, indie games and VR games already, they become the pioneer of the game world and refuse to be the copier of the game!

At the end of the project, in order to pursue the feelings of the past and get exercise a three-person team consisting of programmers and artist has been created. Almost five months, from the beginning of the project to the formal development and now we have finished over 60% of the game. But in older to make the perfect game now we need your help to finish the game story, game art, music and the levels.


Introduction to the game

The old Alice felt her wonderful experiences were forgotten by the children, she decided to let the children relive her adventure in the happiness way. So based on a traditional pinball game combined with the RPG and PUZ game: "Alice Pinball" has been created. The operation is simple and the 3D effect is fantastic, hundreds of characters and levels. Here you will play Alice becomes a pinball to meet the people in fairy tales, challenge the level ,enjoy the game and hav ea lot of fun .


The difficult of the game needs everybody's help to getting through and hope to get your support! Please join us in the development, you are not just players!


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