Alexander Graphic Novel
Alexander Graphic Novel

The Alexander graphic novel project is currently on Patreon and soon to be on Kickstarter.

ALEXANDER is the culmination of an epic adventure that is nearly a decade in the making. The written graphic novel script is complete and I've previously created other manuscripts, a screenplay and an interactive text game based on Alexander's journey. These endeavors have led me to begin creating the art for this sword and sorcery/rescue story. I am the sole writer, illustrator and creator of the ALEXANDER graphic novel series.

The official  ALEXANDER web comic can be read here.

I will periodically release new pages as they are created for free on Patreon and other platforms such as DeviantArt, my Facebook account and the ALEXANDER web comic site. As a Patron, your support will help me continue to work on this project and will give you an inside look into concept art and final pages before they are released elsewhere as well as information deeper into Alexander's story and my life as the graphic novel develops.

Alexander concept art

ALEXANDER is set to be a series of four 30-page graphic novels, each fulfilling an act of the complete story arc. The only step left is to illustrate the story, which I have started and which is why I believe it is now time to bring this adventure to Patreon. Although the entire 120-page story will eventually be viewable as a seamless web-comic, I plan to print each 30-page "Act" once completed as part of a four-part series, and ultimately print the entire 4-part series into one 120-page physical graphic novel. Higher tier supporters will receive these physical copies directly through the Patreon platform once printed. 


Rather than a "per-page" concept of patronage, I believe a "per-month" approach will best suit this project. I will upload new pages as they are created, some weeks will have more than others, some less.  The entire 4-part 120-page graphic novel which will bring the story arc to a close, but I have more graphic novels in the works including  sci-fi and semi-historical fiction.

What is "Alexander" about?
Alexander is foremost a high fantasy adventure, but the heart of the story is a rescue mission. The driving force of the plot entails Alexander as he struggles to search for his father who is imprisoned in the dungeons of an ancient ruined fortress. Alexander races against time as a Soulmancer ravages the land of Praetoria with a demon horde at his command; an army which Alexander's father is in danger of being forcefully assimilated into.

Following is a short summary of the four acts of ALEXANDER.

The First Act begins with a short prologue introducing the Soulmancer, Mazrael, as he view's Alexander through a seeing stone, a relic of the ancient Vyndarians, which allows him to see through the eyes of certain albino animals at his command. The story continues with Alexander practicing his archery skills with his younger brother whom Alexander likes to use as a target stand. Alexander's life in his village sets up the story and his inner conflict before he sets out on a solo hunt in the wilderness surrounding his home. While away, his village is attacked and almost everyone is taken prisoner. He narrowly escapes a small band of demon-possessed warriors sent to find him in the mountain forests where he hunts. With the aid of Cyprian and the exile's panther companion, Alexander flees the mountainside, which is set aflame by the razed village and begins his journey to find and free his father from the dungeons of Korutas, where all the captured are taken. 

The Second Act begins shortly after Alexander begins his quest with the exile, Cyprian. Their travels take them toward Black Lake, the hidden home of the Wood Rogues, an entirely female community that chooses to live apart from the rest of the world. Along the way, Alexander begins to learn the truth of a prophecy surrounding his birth, a secret Order of Protectors, and an ancient Demon War, which he is destined to become an integral part of. After avoiding being killed on sight upon reaching Black Lake, he discovers the ability to astral project through the use of an obsidian orb, similar to the orb in Mazrael's possession. Alexander's struggles throughout the rest of his story with figuring out how to understand and control this ability. This is just one of multiple major event that takes place in Act Two. Alexander learns more about the panther, Vyndra, whom is the true guide of Alexander's quest. He accidentally frees a creature that is being held prisoner by the Wood Rogues and a new companion joins Alexander's group, Quendra, whom tries to kill Alexander the first time she sees him, but is persuaded to accompany Alexander once he disembarks from Black Lake. Of course, there are battles with bands of the Demon-possessed horde along the perilous Journey. 

Act Three brings Alexander to Emeth's Hollow, the home of a solitary Myrmidon who owes Cyprian a favor for once saving his life. They travel to the dangerous forests at the foothills of the mountains of Korutas where subterranean creatures hamper Alexander's Quest and proceed to the depths of the fortress ruins. 

Act Four entails the culmination of all the events of Alexander's quest and the secondary story line of Alexander's mother and siblings (which weaves its way through all four parts of the Alexander series), who also escaped the initial attack on Petras, Alexander's home village, but were separated from and presumed dead by Alexander. Alexander and his companions join forces with the Praetorian army and the Order of Protectors to lay siege to Mazrael's final stronghold of the Tower of Bathil and put an end to his reign of terror. Only through overcoming his fear and reluctance, accepting and understanding his new-found power and responsibility and fulfilling his prophesied role in the Demon War does Alexander prevail, but not without a heavy cost.

I am very open to questions about ALEXANDER and would love to have input as opinions and comments may have an influence on how Alexander's journey unfolds. I will answer any and all questions concerning Alexander's story and the Patreon campaign in as timely manner as possible.

If something doesn't seem like it will work related to the goals and rewards, let me know and I will attempt to remedy the situation. The rewards and goals are subject to change but only to better suit my supporters or to fix an unreasonable concern. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask. There are a lot of potential prints to ship out and professionally printed and bound physical copies rely on many factors, but I don't want this patreon campaign to just be about raising money, I want it to be about giving something worthwhile back to those who support the creation of this graphic novel. When contributing to this campaign, you are not simply pledging your support as a donation, you are purchasing real physical copies of the final graphic novel. I still have to work out the details, but I want to offer the physical copies to even my lowest tier supporters based on a minimum amount of months pledged. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my work.

Below are 2 full page spreads, a map of Alexander's world and the first 5 pages of the Alexander graphic novel, a work in progress.

Thank you so much for your time.

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