ALEX+, Your Posture Coach
ALEX+, Your Posture Coach

This project has already launched.

Introducing ALEX+

ALEX+ is the wearable that fixes years of poor posture habits in 21 days. 

Years of sitting at our desks, looking down at our devices and constantly using our smartphones have created an epidemic of text neck and forward head posture. ALEX+ reminds you to sit properly, replacing years of poor posture habits with perfect, pain-free posture. Track your progress. Get posture tips. Learn stress-relieving exercises.

Benefits Of ALEX+

  • ALEX+ gently and effectively coaches you to better posture.
  • No pills. No pain. Alex works by encouraging perfect posture habits.
  • Proper posture will reduce tension in your back and neck, helping you reduce discomfort while improving concentration, concentration and your sense of wellbeing.
  • Track everything with our updated app, which also includes 4 guided posture programs, along with exercises you can do at home or at your desk.


The Problem Of Poor Posture

More than 80% of office workers and students suffer from Forward Head Posture (FHP) or Text Neck. These conditions are caused by looking down at laptops, smartphones and other digital devices for long periods of time.

In the short term, FHP and Text Neck can make it that little bit harder to get out of bed in the morning or to sit in your chair at work. In the long term, they can lead to chronic pain and more serious spinal issues.

Medical studies have even shown that bad posture can include increased levels of cortisol and decreased testosterone, leading to stress and depression.


How It Works

ALEX+ is so light and simple to use you won’t even notice it!


A Lifetime Habit of Perfect Posture in 21 days

Most of us have built up bad posture habits over a lifetime.

After completing one of the programs, use ALEX+ once or twice a month to refresh and reinforce your good habits.


Improved Features

  • Comfort
    • ALEX+ is designed for comfort. At 25 grams it's smaller and lighter than the original ALEX, which means you and those around you will hardly notice it's there.
  • Adjustability
    • ALEX+ is more adjustable than its parent. It extends making it comfortable for all shapes and sizes.
  •  Accuracy
    • ALEX+ comes equipped with an advanced sensor that analyzes your posture 10 times per second, with nearly no margin of error. This combination provides you with highly accurate data.
  • App
    • Coaching: ALEX+ delivers consistent results. It offers 4 habit-forming programs to help you for the long run. Dr. ALEX, a video-based exercise coaching, makes exercises fun.
    • Dashboard: Track your progress on the ALEX+ App. The data you can check include:
      • Report on your posture by time, date, and period
      • Proportion of time spent in bad posture
      • Average degree of inclination
    • Customization: With ALEX+ App, you can adjust settings, such as vibration strength, at what degree ALEX+ alerts you, how long before the alert, etc.


Previous Campaign

Our first Kickstarter campaign in 2016 was a big success, thanks to almost 900 backers. We’ve improved upon the first Alex based on your feedback. As a result, Alex+ is much more comfortable and adjustable, and Alex+ app offers tools to guide every step toward a better posture.


Improvement Highlighters

Start coaching yourself toward a better posture.

We took comfort and adjustability as the main principles of ALEX+ and made it adjustable that it can fit anyone.

We’re bringing you all of these improvements at a new lower price.


Get Early Invite

Our earlybird deals will be limited, so sign-up and be one of the first to know when ALEX+ launches on Kickstarter. 

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