This project has already launched.

I am raising funds to enable me to work on finishing AleWand*, a homebrewing application for Windows & Linux.


The name of the program comes from the middle ages, when "Alewives would put out a sign - a hop pole or ale-wand - to show when their beer was ready." - Wikipedia

I am a keen homebrewer, I use an electric brewing system that I created over a number of years.  I'm constantly trying to improve my brewing technique.

The software will enable you to design new beer recipes in a user friendly fashion, through an easy to use graphical interface.

One of the features of AleWand is to enable you to extensively log your brewday, e.g. taking photos throughout, to monitor aspects including the clarity and gravity of the beer.  This will hopefully allow you to visibly see the influence of changing various aspects of your own brewing process.

It will also be possible to backup your important recipes to the cloud using a free service such as Dropbox.

Also if you have any suggestions for features, please leave a comment!

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