Alchemy of Coffee: 39 coffee drinks from around the world
Alchemy of Coffee: 39 coffee drinks from around the world

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Do you love coffee? "Alchemy of Coffee" is a modern illustrated coffee poster that diagrams how 39 coffee drinks from around the world were made. 

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SweeTooth Design Company was established from our love for food and design. We started "Alchemy of Tea" over two years ago, and Alchemy of Coffee takes on a similar approach with coffee drinks. Our mission is to educate and bring exciting food knowledge and delicious design to the world.

As food lovers, we hear this one question a lot: "Are you a tea person or a coffee person?" To tell you the truth, we are both. 

What really started our interest in coffee was the first try of Hong Kong Yuan Yang, a drink with a mixture of both tea and coffee. We were really inspired by the recipe and the root of its invention. Eventually we did more and more research about coffee drinks in depth, especially the uncommon ones that are tasty and authentic.

We know everyone makes their coffee differently: instant coffee, drip with a coffee maker or Kone or French press. What we wanted to introduce is something more than how to make the perfect cappuccino, our team wanted to create something that any everyday-coffee-drinker can follow and try out different local flavors as if you are traveling in another country.

Alchemy of Coffee is an illustrated diagram of how 39 different coffee drinks were made by mixing with similar ingredients. 

They are not limited to the typical coffee that you can easily find like Mocha or Americano, you will find more delicious drinks like Irish coffee, iced Vietnamese coffee, Hong Kong Yuan Yang, Jamaican Coffee, Portugal Galão, Mexican Café de olla, Turkish Coffee, and many more.

The difference in ingredients is the key in making the flavor of a foreign coffee drink. Surprisingly we found many similarities among coffee drinks that were from different parts of the world. That's why we created "Alchemy of Coffee" to connect them all through an interesting "family-tree-like" diagram.

Liquor is actually a very common ingredient in coffee recipes such as Irish Coffee (adding Irish Whiskey), Jamaican Coffee (adding Jamaican Rum), or Russian Coffee (adding Vodka!) Discover more delicious coffee cocktails through Alchemy of Coffee!

We really value sustainable manufacture and design. For Alchemy of Coffee, we will be using 100lb. poster paper with 80% recycled content. It has a semi-gloss finish, which is convenient for both hanging with or without framing glass.

Specification:  Dimension is 24x36 inch, Background color: black

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