Alaska Female Rapper Zaira's Music Video in LA
Alaska Female Rapper Zaira's Music Video in LA

This project has already launched.

Most people go a lifetime without taking one step towards their goal, I flew over 3000 miles for mine. I WILL NOT STOP HERE. I want to accomplish this with YOU!

After spending the last year and a half in LA networking to build necessary connections, I'm finally recording with some of the top engineers in the nation renown for working with high-profile artists including Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Trinidad James, Nicki Minaj, Dej Loaf, Busta Rhymes, etc.

Our last video recorded more than two years ago by university students in the small town of Fairbanks, Alaska had over 100,000 views and made it on World Star Hip Hop. We are estimating our upcoming video to have massive exposure that far exceeds that to become a hit.

We want to showcase the talent in Alaska that is rarely exposed to the rest of the world. We are breaking down boundaries within the rapping community to bring Alaska rap to the big city and prove that all women, including Latinas, have their place within the hip-hop industry.

We have built a dedicated and passionate team of producers, engineers, photographers, videographers, designers, and local businesses willing to help us out. We are now launching this Kickstarter campaign to be able to pay them fairly for their work. With your help, we can create opportunities for other local artists, photographers/videographers, producers, engineers, dancers, choreographers, interns, managers, studios, promoters, DJ's etc. that we hire to make this project a success.

Your donation will go towards funding of the upcoming single "Been Good" and music video, and will also pay the team involved along with covering expenses for the limited edition gifts created especially for this campaign.

It's the thought that counts. Whether you can help by donating whatever you can give or just by sharing this Kickstarter campaign to spread the word, we will be more than grateful!

I can't do this without you. Join me.

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