Alaska: 21 Days of Creating
Alaska: 21 Days of Creating

Hello! My name is ​Jordan Thornton. I am a ​visual artist: a printmaker and arts educator. I make my work in my dining room and own the smallest printing press I've ever seen. When I'm not in my dining room studio, I am an Artist-in-Residence through both the ​South Dakota Arts Council's and the ​Nebraska Arts Council's Artists in Schools and Communities programs, and I also double as an arts instructor and gallery interactor at the ​Washington Pavilion of Arts & Sciences in Sioux Falls, SD. ​

Resident Artist at Chulitna Lodge

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to be a Resident Artist at Chulitna Lodge in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve in Alaska. I will be there from August 18th to September 8th of 2017.

While in Alaska, I will have the time, space, and to simply create. Last year, I spent a month at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT. While in at the VSC, I befriended countless new creative minds and was offered the wonderful opportunity to be a visiting artist at Louisiana Tech University (thanks Raluca!). Most noticeably to me, I made more artwork in one month than I made total over the rest of 2016. Imagine what I will be able to accomplish without the distractions of internet and phone in this remote and beautiful location.

Chulitna Lodge provides housing, food, studio space, and freedom from the usual responsibilities of daily life. Not to mention, the scenery promises to be nothing less than inspirational.

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