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Airport Advisor

In recent years, new technologies hustled the world of transportation. The search for customer satisfaction was first experienced great development late 2008/2010 to become a true competitive advantage. In this race to services, good Customer Service is critical and represents a fundamental competitive advantage because it is, in fact, more difficult to copy: a good Customer Service presupposes, beyond the intrinsic quality of products and services, perfect coordination and cooperation between the different services of the company. New technologies for their part, helped boost the sector, particularly through the development of social networks.
The study of customer satisfaction originates in a simple question: how customers perceive the service of a company? From a service? In fact, customer-satisfaction survey beyond the strict framework of the measure of a satisfaction because it is primarily a market opportunity of listening, carrying important marketing implications: how to anticipate needs and customer expectations in order to change the company offer? How to identify and implement the "more" of the service, loyalty factor? How to better communicate its strengths to customers and prospects? In the airport world answer these questions challenge. Indeed, an airport environment is very anxiety provoking for its users on the one hand and airports themselves are waging a war of "Hub" to attract customers on one platform over another.
So how to get to a rising channel information of its users while taking into account the aggressive environment? The experience of airlines and airport operator in terms of quality surveys for example, amounts to a stardust and much remains below what they could get such information from their users. The anxiety factor of airports has much .. lack of time, stress, anxiety, excitement ... to prevent the time today to conduct investigations peaceful, comprehensive and revealing expectations of these same passengers.
The only place where it can start to listen to any investigation would be boarding room .. There close his plane one sees and knows to wear hand. But now, this is the moment chosen by the client to relax. Difficult in these conditions to conduct through investigations. Many experiments have been conducted by specialized external firms ... but it is to consider that these are issues of management and not passenger expectations. Counters with smiley (I like / I do not like) sometimes demanding an appreciation to a passenger and tries to steal the few seconds it will devote to press the button. Also needs to change attitude, both in the methods and manner of perceiving the client.
Do not consider it as a client "ROI" but take into account as an alter ego, the company's partner. The correlation between satisfaction and customer-loyalty is an obvious and valid argument because, as we often hear, "retain a customer is much cheaper than acquiring a new"
Social media has become a preferred method for customers to interact with airports, especially when they are having a bad experience at services.
Begening 2012, in the Top 25 of the most "social" airports, 20 were American, and only two located in Europe: Airport Schiphol Amesterdam (16th) and London Heathrow (20th). According to ACI Europe Annual Report in 2012*, only 77% of European airports were present on social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter. This could it be linked to the delay the European airports took to offer free wifi to their customers? The emphasis being placed on social media is highlighted in the latest Airport IT Trends Survey by SITA, which states that managing customer relations via social media is on the rise, with 30% of airports using social media to improve customer relations in 2014; a figure that is expected to increase by a further 40% by 2017 (FTE 2015 source). KOUIK Agency, already running a website dedicated to airport benchmark ( will offer to all airports beginning of 2017 a mobile app “ Airport Advisor” in order to help airports to enhance their Passenger experience. This app will allow all passengers at any airport to grade services. From the car park to the boarding. One app, one unique place that will list all passengers comments. No more need, to be on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. A real time saving. And a greater efficiency. If your airport is interested by this project, if you want to be part of this new challenge Please contact us for more details at : We wil give you more detail about the subject.

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