AirBuddy | dive with the ease of snorkeling.
AirBuddy | dive with the ease of snorkeling.


AirBuddy is the smallest and lightest diving gear in the world. Designed specifically for self-guided shallow water dives, it brings more freedom to diving - no air refills, rentals, complicated logistics or bulky gear! AirBuddy's tankless design gives you full independence to dive anytime and anywhere for 45 minutes, up to 12m (40ft) deep.

Get closer to underwater life than with snorkeling and experience the weightless feeling without carrying heavy air-filled tanks on your back.


AirBuddy brings a terrific alternative, bridging the gap between snorkeling and SCUBA.  The rechargeable battery-powered air compressor provides you with fresh air from the surface. AirBuddy comes with a charger so instead of air tank refills, get juice for the battery from a power outlet (fully recharged in 3.5hrs) at home, on your boat or even a campervan - just like with your mobile or camera! For a second consecutive dive with AirBuddy, use an additional battery (weighs only 2.9kg).

Experience a less inhibited diving experience with added safety. Don’t carry unnecessarily heavy equipment on yourself - feel like a fish in the water.

  • No heavy gear on your back
  • With less drag, wear smaller fins to propel yourself
  • Use a more natural frog kick (as opposed to flutter kick)
  • Walk to dive sites with difficult road access
  • Set-up and pack-up in just 2 minutes



Fun fact: Did you know that corals tend to grow at relatively shallow depths where the sunlight still penetrates the water? That’s where you also find the majority of marine species that live off of the coral or seek protection in coral structures. How much you see doesn’t depend on how deep but how often you dive!

Most of our best sightings occurred in depths less than 12 metres. Voilà!!! Hence the dive depth we chose for AirBuddy.

We shot all of the photos below within this depth. (see more on our Instagram)


Diving & being spontaneous? Definitely YES! Pack your AirBuddy for a family day on a beach, go yachting, drive up the coast in your campervan, or clean the hull of your boat. AirBuddy is the perfect companion for most of your shallow water diving needs.


With AirBuddy, you dive deep enough to explore the beauty of marine life, but not deep enough to run a risk of DCS (decompression sickness, aka "bends"). Unless you dive more than 3-times in a row, which is unlikely as you'd need to swap 4 batteries, you are within the NDL (no decompression limit), thus can surface in case of an emergency without any stops and risk of DCS.

With shallow water diving, you are just seconds away from the surfaceYou can swim up if required. An ascent from a shallow water takes about 20sec from 6m (20ft) to 40sec from 12m(40ft) at the PADI recommended ascent rates.

In an unlikely event of an emergency, you can use 2 backup systems before needing to perform CESA (controlled emergency swimming ascent):

  • Backup #1: Use 15l compressed emegency air contained in the red float/ reservoir, which provides about 4-5 breaths at 12m depth to about 12-15 breaths close to surface at 1m deepth.
  • Backup #2: Use 100% redundant egressor/ pony bottle - size of your choice (purchased separately).
  • CESA: Swim towards the surface while slowly breathing out (making the "aaaaaah" sound).

In general, you can use AirBuddy if you can swim, feel comfortable in the water, are willing to learn and obey the safety rules and procedures and you have no medical conditions preventing you from diving with compressed air.

At the end of the day, though, you are the ultimate guardian of your own safety. So please dive responsibly, know your limits and never go to a depth you don't feel comfortable ascending from in case of an emergency, certainly not without any 100% redundant back-up system. And remember, there is no harm in practising your first few dives in waist level water and then progress as you gain more experience and confidence.



Equipped with additional safety backup features and online support as our instruction videos explain the key diving principles and safety rules.

Safety Features:

  • Large 15L air reservoir provides emergency air for safe return to the surface.
  • Low battery level monitor and alarm starts sending you audible signals when the battery voltage drops below 11V (about 45 min of operation). This is the signal for you to ascend.
  • Visible float and diving flag to mark your position to boats, fishermen, etc. 
  • Detachable magnetic wristband with a switch to ensure that only you (the diver) can switch AirBuddy off. 
  • Abrasion and kink resistant air hose made from strong polyurethane limit the length of your descend.
  • Elaborate air ways with 3x snorkel assembly to prevent splash water reaching the compressor.
  • Capsize protection to about 110° tilt with the weight mass in the lower section acting as a keel.


AirBuddy offers a new alternative, bridging the gap between snorkeling and SCUBA. Whereas SCUBA (or rebreathers) are virtually irreplaceable on deep dives or dives with overhang (caves, wrecks), AirBuddy is perfect for hassle-free shallow dives. Same sport, different use case, different gear:

Fun fact: Surface-supplied diving (SSBA) has been around for longer than SCUBA, first divers explored the sea bed in the funny looking dive suits with brass helmets already in 19th century. We combined this 200-year old diving principle with the latest technologies, materials and innovations to create a compact unit.


We designed AirBuddy for maximum performance, comfort, and safety at the minimum weight and size. Because stowability and transportability matter, too. Now you can take your dive gear anywhere with you.

AirBuddy weighs about 9.5kg (21lbs) in total. Out of this, the recoil hose, vest and regulator weigh about 1.7kg (3.7lbs) and the main unit weighs 7.8kg (17.2lbs).


We strive to build a community of people who are excited about AirBuddy. To help successfully fund this project, please share with your friends. The more the merrier! Outreach is the single most important success factor of any crowdfunding campaign. Thank you!


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