Air Guitar God mobile game
Air Guitar God mobile game


Rock out on your mobile device to become a concert headliner God -- and share your levels with friends! Tap, sweep, and explode power chords in time to the music to reach Air Guitar God level.

The game is a cross between the tap-note music games but with a new twist -- they are not in one line, they are in the four corners of the screen, allowing you to firmly hold the device with two hands! Previous games needed one free hand to tap at the oncoming notes, but this allows you to concentrate while holding the hardware safely and use both hands!


The notes in this case emenate from your rocker avatar and float upwards into one of the corners of the screen and you tape with your left and right thumb to snag them as they pass over the red, green, yellow and blue buttons. The real fun begins in the different types of notes and what you do to activate them -- a stopwatch for a 'hold' a simultaneous tap from both sides, and the deadly 'arrow chord'. 


As the arrow chord passes by a button, you can tap it to accept the points -- OR -- swipe it to move it to the next corner, and double the possible points! But be careful, the speed increases as well, making it harder and harder to actually tap the arrow as it continues!

Start out in your room and slowly aquire skills and swag for your 3d avatar for any of the included 3d charaters, Grunge, Punk, Mod, Ska, Funk, Country, Heavy Metal and New Wave -- each with their own unique animated moves! 

Choose your style of music and eventually challenge your friends to your own created levels per song - 





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