air compressor machine
air compressor machine

Who needs a rotary screw air compressors anyway?

Rotary screw air compressors are perfect for:

  •  Large and small production facilities (factories)
  •  Bigger garages and workshops
  •  People that need lot’s of compressed air

But… I have seen a lot of business that bought a rotary screw compressor, where a reciprocating compressor would have been better (they listened to the salesman who sold them the biggest machine they could).

If any of the following applies to you, a rotary screw compressor is not for you:

  •  You only need compressed air for hand tools
  •  You don’t need air continuously
  •  You need a compressor for home/diy type of work
  •  You need a compressor for light construction work (to power nailers, etc).

In these cases, a reciprocating air compressor would be a better choice.

How to choose the right capacity and pressure for your new rotary screw air compressor.

It is very important to buy a compressor that can supply you with enough amounts of compressed air, at the right pressure. Unfortunately, most people don’t know exactly what they need, and end up buying a too big or a too small air compressor.

Let me help you.

If you buy a rotary screw compressor, it is usually for one of the following reasons:

  1.  This is your first air compressor.
  2.  It’s a replacement for an old rotary screw compressor
  3.  You now have a reciprocating compressor, but need more capacity (cfm).
  4.  You already have a rotary screw compressor, but need more capacity.
  5. A VSD compressor is NOT a good choice when: It runs at 90-100% speed all the time. In fact, a VSD that runs at full speed consumes more energy than a standard fixed-speed compressor

  6. The compressors only runs at 10-20% all the time. In fact, the compressor is way too big, but I have seen this so many times! It would be more energy efficient to get a smaller fiexed speed compressor. Furthermore, compressors that run only at low speeds will experience a lot (a lot!) of maintenance issues.

    A VSD compressor is a good choice when it runs at 50 – 80% load. This is where the money-saving is. Plus it allows the compressor to heat up, which will prevent lot’s of maintenance issues.

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