AIA: Artificial Intelligence
AIA: Artificial Intelligence


The idea is very simple – to develop intelligence. The way to do it, is difficult, but possible. And we have already done the small part of it!

The solution is universal software. We have named it Artificial Intelligence AIA. AIA will be able to adapt to any type of environment (body) he will be put in. After some training he will start to provide response action and there will be no need to develop special applications for the robots. AIA will change the world.


Revolutionary new view to artificial intelligence

At this moment the world’s technology of the creation of artificial intelligence has two main directions:

·  Modeling the neural connections of the brain

·  Creating large storage of the information about everything

We think that nÖ…ne of these give the solution. We have chosen another way. We are modeling the human brain behavior – from biological functionality till abstract intelligence. We have imaginationhow the brain adapts to the environment, how processes the data, how creates abstraction, etc… And we are modeling and developing this behavior. It’s an extremely new direction and we are following it. We believe that the result will approve the electivity of our strategy.


What we have now

Now we have simple intelligence with simple association behavior. It’s included in AIA v1.0. And we have ArmMen v1.1 client application which works with AIA v1.0. ArmMen provides the human voice as a single channel input data to AIA and provides the result to the user.

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What we will have in the next step

·  We will have the new version of AIA with multichannel input/output and simple association intelligence. It will be able to determine the kind of input signals, remember and react.

·  We will have the new version of ArmMen which will provide the data from web camera and microphone to AIA v2.0 and will represent the output to the user. AIA will be able to determine the objects (view, name, behavior, etc…), intelligently associate its properties with each other, and react to the requests based on simple association intelligence.


What we will have in the future

·  We will have extremely generic AIA for any kind of environment (body) and with large specter of intelligence.

·  We will have the robot ArmMen with AIA inside. ArmMen will be a good friend and assistant to many-many people. He will be able to save lives, to help, to teach, and to make a lot of things easier. We will give new opportunities to improve its abilities and to learn more.

·  We will have a lot of simulators for AIA. Each simulator will be the model of concrete environment (car, coffee machine, robot, etc.). It will provide ability to AIA to learn much faster than it would be possible in real life.

·  We will have implemented Artificial Evolution for our robots and for AIA (Natural Selection, Heredity, Gene flow). All the information collected during the life can be matched with information of others and the chosen subsets of knowledge will be imported into child AIA. Each new generation of AIA will be more adoptive and smarter.


About the project

The design and development was started in 2013. Past years were full of testing, discussions and development. The number and difficulty of the algorithms that need to be implemented is impressive.

To develop our ideas we need more resources – a team of smart and creative developers. Now we are growing a team. We have a goal and we are moving forward.

We know that our project will change the frozen stereotype about artificial intelligence. And your founding will help us to reach this goal faster.

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