Ai ProTube
Ai ProTube

This project has already launched.

Remember the soft blue glow from an old vacuum tube amp and their nice warm tone?

You can have it again at the fraction of the cost of a tube amp. GMF Music is introducing an innovative, great sounding “analog” Pre-Amp/DI, the Ai ProTube.   Geared towards the acoustic instrument market the Ai ProTube has a real “tube” that will make any acoustic instrument sound warm and inviting with no unwanted signal compression. This isn’t just a tube simulation circuit; it is the real thing with a 12AX7 tube circuit. 

 Why a Tube? Acoustic musicians pay thousands of dollars for a well-crafted and great sounding acoustic instrument. Most of this great tone is lost once the instrument is amplified because of the compression that is applied to the signal with today’s digital amplifying and recording equipment. 

The GMF Ai ProTube is an acoustic preamplifier, direct box, and all around solution for connecting your acoustic instrument into a sound source. If you don’t have a built-in pickup on your guitar or other acoustic instrument, no problem we will include a handcrafted transducer pickup to your order.

 The Ai ProTube can be used as:  

  • A pre-amp for your acoustic instrument with your built in pick up or external pickup
  • A DI box to connect to a PA system
  • An alternative to a large amp for travel dates when you just can’t pack your whole system. The Ai ProTube is easily connected to any PA or sound system via the Line Out or XLR direct out connections. (Basically a high quality acoustic amp without the power amp or speakers)

If you want to add your favorite effects, we have you covered with an effects send and return loop.

What we've built already:  Our team has over 35 years of manufacturing and design experience in the music industry. We've already built the core technology and tested it. We ran a successful 8 month Beta test using professional musicians. The risks and challenges were minimized through quality and field testing. We can confidently say that there is no technical risk left to the project.

What we need to do next, and why we need your help: We need your support to buy parts and pay for tooling to manufacture this great sounding tube preamp/di. 

We have run the numbers and are happy to say we can source most of the material in the United States. I will personally build and test each unit to be sure you have a quality piece of gear

Fulfillment Plan: 
This will be our fourth Kickstarter campaign. Products from our first three campaigns were sent out promptly on schedule and are still used almost daily by professional musicians. 

Once we have achieved our goal and the Kickstarter campaign has successfully concluded, we can complete production and fulfill all rewards.  

We don't foresee any obstacles that won't be solved easily and we will personally communicate to our backers throughout the process. If delays occur, we will always be upfront about them, inform our community of our plan of action, and keep the regular updates coming.

The Chart below compares the Ai ProTube with some of the popular units currently on the market. As you can see there are two things that stand out. “None” of the competition is MADE IN USA and none of them includes a Tube Circuit. We feel that by manufacturing these in the US, we have much better control of the quality. By using a tube in our preamp, it makes any acoustic instrument sound warm with no unwanted signal compression. With our expertise in design and manufacturing, we are able to produce the Ai Protube at a cost that is very competitive.


Our team has over 35 years of manufacturing and design experience in the music industry and have built many award winning products for the music industry. Greg Farres founded Ultrasound Amplifiers and designed all of the Ultrasound acoustic amplifiers and products, so acoustic designs are in his blood. Interfacing a high quality acoustic preamp with a high quality tube circuit was the task. After a number of prototypes and samples, we finally came up with the perfect solution and the Ai ProTube was born.

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