AggroSeize Dog Management
AggroSeize Dog Management


Play fetch with your best K9 pal at the park without fear of him or her running off, or more importantly after something, someone or their pet.


Why do I need this? 

The purpose of AggroSeize is to allow pet owners of aggressive or explorative dogs to run their pets off leash in an empty park or field while retaining some form of control in the event someone or something shows up unexpectedly.


When should this be used? 

Lets say you take your dog to the park for a fun game of fetch and as you throw the ball you look off to the side and see someone walking their dog onto the previously empty field. Your dog sees him and decides to attack despite your constant calls.  That is the time when AggroSeize should be used.


How does AggroSeize work? 

The owner is equipped with a remote control that allows control over the main unit attached to the dog's harness, The unit is equipped with both a lemon spray mister(harmless doggy mace), and electrical shocking mechanism.  In the event the dog runs off after something, the owner first deploys the lemon spray; if this fails the owner can then deploy the shock. This uses electricity targeted at individual muscle groups to seize the legs of the dog and prevent them from continuing. A lot like a stun gun works on a human, but much less powerful.


If it's not powerful enough to hurt, how does it stop the dog? 

Though it works a lot like a stun gun does, the power is greatly reduced as a result of being designed to be placed right over the specific muscles rather than needing to be powerful enough to work on any random place contacted. The precisely placed electrodes are designed so that they only trigger the muscles of the upper legs and therefore they do not need to be very powerful.


How does this differ from shock collars?


In almost every way possible, shock collars are designed to cause pain and invoke a reaction to the pain, this reaction when coupled with a dogs desire to attack can sometimes heighten and increase the drive to attack. Shock collars inflict pain due to the small contact point between electrodes.  AggroSeize uses wider spread targeted electrodes at a low voltage to activate leg muscles to clench and stop your dog rather than hurt him or her.

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