Afterball™ - The Hoodless™
Afterball™ - The Hoodless™

This project has already launched.

We love to wear our hoodies but sometimes the hood, just gets in the way. 


The Afterball™ Hoodless™ gives you everything you want from your hoodie, minus any negative stereotypes associated with it. The design is simple! By removing the hood, you still have the same fit, comfort and functionality you love without any unnecessary fabric getting in the way. 

                    The Afterball™ Hoodless takes your favorite hoodie, out of the hood.


Over the years the hoodie as gotten a bad rap. The history of the Hoodie dates back to the medieval times when monks wore robes with hoods attached. When they were introduced into American fashion, hoodies were worn mostly by laborers and athletes as protection from the cold.  

The hoodie’s origin is embedded as a garment for need and necessity.

Hoodies are now worn by celebrities, billionaire tech moguls, ballers, hip-hop musicians, soccer moms and weekend reality show binge watchers. The hoodie has been adopted by skaters, surfers, rural hooligans, skinheads, punks, gang members and thieves.  

The hoodie could be the most complicated garment in history! 


Afterball’s mission is to bring to market styles consumers want but for which they don't currently have a solution.  

The Afterball™ Hoodless gives you the functionality and fit you want without the controversy that the hoodie brings.  

Whether it’s for a fashion statement, comfort or showing support for a truly important cause, Afterball’s solutions will have a special place in consumer’s lives.  


                                                          Break the stereotype!  

Afterball™ will win market share in the apparel industry by introducing a fresh new category. Afterball™ will aggressively engage with its target consumers through a direct digital conversation, precise product seeding and partnering with positive organizations that are dedicated to crushing stereotypes. I plan to provide an option and with the proceeds help dispel the negative stereotype that haunts so many Americans.


The new Afterball™ Hoodless™ will rival the entire hoodie/sweatshirt industry.

Hoodies are one of the most popular pieces of apparel in the world. Sweatshirts make up over 11% of the of the apparel industry. In 2018, retail sales of sweatshirts are projected to exceed $53.4 billion in the US alone. Not only do millions of people own multiple hoodies - many of them wear them every day.  

People wear their hoodies for many reasons:  

  • Comfort  
  • Fit  
  • Function  
  • Purpose  
  • Or most importantly…personal style    

The Afterball™ Hoodless™ is the solution to your favorite gear!

Development and Manufacturing  

In order to bring the Afterball Cap to market, we need to cover:  

  • Materials: recycled fabrics, tags, packaging  
  • Labor
  • Processing fees  
  • Shipping and handling  
  • E-commerce site maintenance  

TOTAL: $10,000  

Together we can revolutionize the industry and change the game! Let's make it happen! 

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Again, this project won’t happen without your support! 

We are thrilled to launch this project and bring our products to the masses. If you’re passionate about sports and want to upgrade your fashion IQ, you will love what Afterball™ has to offer.  


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