After the fire
After the fire

This project has already launched.

Grenfell tower fire: it was not just a fire, it was the result of a social cleansing policy by the people in power. Story of injustice.

Life is very tough now for everyone in London except for the top few. Years of pauperisation policies by the tory government has made poor people poorer. Still the war mongering hasn't stopped.  All these has resulted in a very delicate existence for the next generation of youngsters. Successive governments have been trying to hide the real nature of the society and show a polished face. 

The fire that happened in Grenfell tower is much more than just a fire.

This has affected the younger minds very much. The film will be told from the point of view of a teenager who is trying to understand the complicated politics behind such a tragedy, that could have been easily avoided. 

The interaction of this youngster with the society around will create the film. Structure is intentionally kept fluid to facilitate this creation

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