African Myths and Mysteries
African Myths and Mysteries

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Imagine a book full of undiscovered, perfectly crafted stories from the dark continent. Myths full of magic, wild adventures and gorgeous entertainment. While you enjoy that awesome book, your money rescues animals in danger and gives poor children access to urgently needed high quality education. The postman rings. He handles you a precious handmade gift, made by African tribe members. You feel the breeze, you hear lions roar in the dawn. This is where your adventure starts.

Hi folks,

My name is Charlie Fox, I live near Baltimore and have volunteered in Africa and South America several times. Let me be the guide for your adventure into the wilds. Climb aboard an open-air safari vehicle and hang on tight as you take off on this tour into the African outback.

Our first stop is a tribal village, the playground of warriors, farmers, mystics and magicians. Members of our tribe here don´t write their compelling folktales down into books. They only spread them by word of mouth. Sometimes it is forbidden to tell stories about African myths and mysteries during daytime. In southern Africa traditional societies believe that the storyteller grow horns if he or she breaks the taboo.

Mami Wata, the snake charmer

I always waited until the daily tasks where completed and a chief or a grandmother was persuaded to tell a story at the campfire before night fell.

Some of the stories I´ll tell you in my book represent different states and people. Other ones proof that Massai, Bushmen, Xhosa and Zulus are expert tellers of animal tales, because they know anything about the wildlife in their country. In these stories animals keep their own appearance and identity, but they act like humans. The elephant for example is slow and thinks things over carefully.

You can read lots of these unknown, well crafted stories in my book African Myths and Mysteries. But before you can start reading, the book has to be published.

What you give...

Publishing a book may be frightening and dangerous. Like the animals you will see at our next stop. At first I need a publisher. Someone who is able to print the book, to erase grammatical errors and to deliver it to the customers. I like Penguin Books because they do a really good job, but I have no kind of recognition yet. 

Most funds generated through this Indiegogo campaign will be used for publishing and promoting the book. My goal is to reach as many readers as possible.

But what about the few bucks I´ve left in my pockets? They will help endangered animals and poor children in Africa.

5 percent of your funds are going to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) which is engaged with the conservation of ecosystems alongside the protection of wildlife and resolution of human-wildlife conflict. You can find out more about AWF here:

Another 5 percent of your funds are going to Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit organization that believes every child deserves access to quality education. They create schools, programs and global communities around the common goal of education for all. You can find out more about pencils of promise here:

...and what you get

Be sure my pockets are empty now. Let us continue our safari yet. It´s time for hunting!

One smile a day keeps the doctor away

No, not that nice cheetah. Don´t do that! There is many other prey to chase for in our beautiful African savannah. Need some examples?

  • Funders can get a bookmark with African tribal design and their own name on it
  • Funders can get my book in electronic (Epub or Mobi) and printed form (Paperback)
  • Another trophy is your personal Tree of Life pewter, plated with 22 K genuine gold
  • How about a Limited and Signed Fine Art Print?
  • Just look at the list, there is much more to hunt. Some items are handmade by African artists, shipping may take 7 - 14 days.

Never hunt alone!

Ready to go? Grab your trophy now and enjoy all the stories about wise elephants, snake charmers, warriors and tribes. Dive deep into the myths of the dark continent and explore a wild, adventurous world.

But wait! Why going alone? Invite your friends and hunt your trophies together! The African bush is rich of treasures and feeds everyone. Spread the word on social media platforms, tell your friends, family, neighbors, educators, co-workers, librarians, and everyone else about this book and how it can help poor children and endangered animals. Indiegogo gives you some tools for that. Please help me to make the world a better place.

Much thanks for lending me your time folks. I hope you enjoyed this little safari into the wild African outback. Some donations may be welcome, but please spend money only if you like my project on Indiegogo. Thanks in advance.

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