Afforable Microfiber Boxer Briefs
Afforable Microfiber Boxer Briefs

This project has already launched.

All Citizens is a direct-to-consumer menswear company that makes premium, microfiber boxer briefs at an accessible price.


After months of designs and several rounds of prototypes, we are excited to announce the next phase of our project - our soft-launch is finally live! The purpose of the soft-launch is to get our product into customer's hands to field test on a wider scale. We believe that our product is near perfect, and we are asking for your help to provide feedback and help us refine our product into the perfect, and best pair of underwear ever worn.

We have created a limited run of the boxer briefs and wanted to invite the Prefundia family to check out our product and help us bring this (super comfortable) idea to life!

By participating in the soft-launch, every early supporter will be added to our All Citizens Family, where you will be sent protoypes (for free!) to test out new products as well as be given first access to our future product launches! 

Be sure to check us out at for more information!


Read below for details on our story and our modern take on boxer briefs:

There are 2 problems with the men’s boxer brief - their design hasn't evolved since its inception 25 years ago, and one pair of designer, microfiber boxer briefs costs more than a round of drinks. The team at All Citizens, based in New York City, set out to address this by creating a better, more modern pair at the accessible price of $15.

We took a human-centered approach in our design process by analyzing how guys move and researching the common frustrations guys face everyday:

  • legs ride up and bunch
  • the constant need to “re-adjust”
  • sweat
  • odor
  • itchiness

After months of prototyping, we created comfort-enhancing features to address these frustrations and bring you a wearing experience unlike any other:

First are our Breathe Zones, which are areas made with tightly woven mesh to regulate airflow and allow your manhood to breathe. By strategically placing them where guys sweat the most - on the lower back and under the crotch - you can be confident that you'll remain cool and sweat-free throughout the day.


Life is lived in motion, so we stitched grip elastic in the thighs to keep the legs from riding up and bunching while you move.


Microfiber is an industry leading fabric that is known for its luxurious and technical qualities. We use the finest performance microfiber for its advanced features.


Taking inspiration from the trunks of professional boxers, a thicker waistband was added that stays put on your waist and doesn't roll.


We believe that simple designs speak volumes over loud branding. This lead us to create an understated waistband with a white and textured stripe layered on top of our signature All Citizens orange.


contoured, double-layered pouch surrounds your manhood appropriately to reduce the need to "re-adjust".


Our boxer briefs are carefully measured and cut for an athletic fit that allows for ease of movement without restriction.


Major stress-points are reinforced with bar stitching to make sure our products last.


Functionality and style served as north stars in the design process because we wanted you to feel great and look sharp in any situation. So to bring it all together, we used minimalist stitching throughout the boxer brief for a clean finish.


The result: functional and comfortable under apparel that is engineered to handle your active life.

You were made to move, and our boxer briefs were made to move with you.


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