AEVHA London Luxury Handbags
AEVHA London Luxury Handbags

This project has already launched.

Established in 2013, AEVHA is a luxury handbag brand conceptualised and designed in London and made in Italy.

AEVHA London’s DNA incorporates two definitive elements: the use of unique, distinctive hardwares and the modernisation of classic silhouettes. This combination of historic inspiration and arresting design details work to create collections with an instant sense of heritage that will never be relegated to a passing trend or aesthetic, affording the label wide-ranging appeal to a large demographic of stylish women, from early twenties to late fifties.

Our artisan-made Italian leather bags use only the finest Italian leathers and amongst our inimitable hardwares are hand-carved wooden and marble-effect resin accessories.

Discovered by Olivia Palermo in its first season, AEVHA London has only been available through a select number of high end retailers in the UK, Belgium and China to date. With your help and support, we can make our brand available to a global audience.

The AEVHA London Autumn Winter Collection:

  • Has been shown at New York, London and Paris Fashion Weeks
  • Includes our six most popular styles in black, navy, tan, taupe, mulberry and charcoal
  • Includes styles carried by some of the best known celebrities and fashion icons in the world including Beyoncé, Jessica Biel, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele and Pippa Middleton 
  • Is exclusively available on Kickstarter at special discounted prices with free worldwide shipping
  • Has been carefully designed and perfected over six seasons and is made using the finest quality workmanship and materials




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