Aetho: Unleash your Go-Pro
Aetho: Unleash your Go-Pro




Combining hardware and software, Aetho products allow people to capture life’s moments and create visual stories resembling Hollywood style productions.

Our GoPro companion captures sweeping cinematic shots with greater stability. Adding our unique Heads Up Display (HUD), the user is able to view live-streamed action in their peripheral vision.

Soon we'll be incorporating augmented reality so the devices intelligently connect to deliver a sensory-driven, immersive experience that will alter the perception of visual content creation.

Our patent pending products include a bevy of individual technologies arranged in an innovative fashion to deliver a groundbreaking experience for the user.

By combining the best of handheld camera stabilization technologies, zero lag video transmission, and heads up display, our users are immersed into what we are calling the future of filmmaking.

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