Aegis of Soteria: Cloud Based Concussion Sensor for Youth
Aegis of Soteria: Cloud Based Concussion Sensor for Youth

This project has already launched.

When Maddox wanted to sign up for the 2015 football season, our mother was worried that he would get a head injury because of news articles she had recently read. Eventually, we made a deal with her where we would build something to monitor head hit impacts. In exchange, our mother would allow Maddox to play football. With the help of Arduino classes and meet-ups at San Jose TechShop, we designed our prototype and quickly realized that many players like Maddox could benefit from this. We spent most of 2015 and 2016 developing and fine-tuning our design, and now comes the AoS module.

We are young entrepreneurs, but we have big dreams and we are growing our skills to make it happen. We need your help to transfer our prototype into production.

We pledge to keep you updated on our progress on our website. If you are in the bay area, we are happy to meet you to get your advice and help.

We have authorized adults with thorough experience in semiconductor industries to help us make sure everything is running along smoothly with no complications.

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