As an individual, doesn't it make sense to have the choice to receive individualized care? 

More people are receiving individualized care right now.  Being limited to only traditional mass protocols and treatments can limit your health.

Technology is revolutionizing healthcare by providing greater and more immediate access to personalized wellness choices.

Genomic screening and regenerative treatment options are becoming available and vital tools to predict, preserve and protect options for our health.

- Does your doctor provide the most current tools available?

- Does your doctor offer the most current telemedicine tools?

- What doctors do offer genomic testing and screening as an option?

- What doctors are available to you that promote wellness and not just reactive care?

AdvoCell® is a real-time advocacy portal to the information you need and more.

Individualized treatment is taking place now.  Doctors and their patients are no longer limited to broad and mass "one size fits all" regimens.

Options for receiving individualized care can improve your peace of mind and provide a better understanding of possible outcomes for wellness and treatment.

You are invited to help fund the prelaunch and launch of AdvoCell®

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