Advocacy App
Advocacy App

This project has already launched.

Check out the Kickstarter page for a short video and more information: 


The Advocacy App will help you take action on issues you care about by connecting you to advocacy groups. It will also help you learn about and contact your elected representatives. 


The Advocacy App will provide you with a news feed of Action Alerts from advocacy organizations you choose to follow. The app is nonpartisan and currently includes 136 different advocacy groups, organized into 27 different categories. For example, some of the categories are: Animal Rights and Welfare, Civil and Human Rights, Criminal Justice, Environment, General Liberal Groups, General Conservative Groups, Government Oversight, Gun Policy, Immigration, Public Health, and Women’s Rights. 

The Advocacy App also includes a “My Representatives” section that makes it easy to find and connect with your elected representatives. This is a crucial tool for making your voice heard on a local, state, and national level. 

The Advocacy App will be launched in the App Store and Google Play, first for iOS, then for Android. It will be free to download, with the option to upgrade for an ad free experience. 

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