Adventurers of Regicide
Adventurers of Regicide

Adventuers of Regicide is a 2D RPG where the player takes control of Euphoria and
her friends and family, who were once royalty of a magnificent kingdom. The player will go through several areas before fighting President Charter, a shadowy leader behind the coup and the leader of a religion known as Leviism. The religion celebrates love and prosperity, but is there a darkness behind the light?

All will be revealed with Adventurers of Regicide!

  • A battle system that's easy to win, hard to master
  • A variety of worlds, from a nice hamlet to the firey Mt. Vesuvius, to your nightmares
  • A wide variety of items, weapons and clothing to use during your adventure
  • Random events that happen in the game to keep the player on their toes.
  • The ability to talk to an enemy to disarm them, or even bribe them to get them off your back.
  • Grind-less gmame play
  • Specialize and customize each character to your liking.

The game is a 2D RPG with a few twists. First of all, during the game you can unlock party members who will come and join you.

Each of your party members can attack monsters, cast spells through the use of magical amulets, and some evenhave special abilities.

At the end of each zone, you will fight against a boss, who you can take down after mustering all of your might!

There are lots of items to seek out, lots of monsters to destroy and lots of loot to collect!

The battle system is easy to win, hard to master.  You and your party are on the field, being attacked by an enemy!  Go up to the enemy to hurt them, but avoid their attacks!

There are multiple endings based on the characters you picked up and your actions.

Perr is a kingdom that is a strong world power lead by the Transtroms, who used their leadership to install martial law, genetic testing on innocent civilians, social experiments, and banning all things that would be a threat to the leadership.

They especially banned a religion known as Leviism, which celebrated love and prosperity, but also required all governments to be Leviistic theocracies. Lead by a shadowy figure named Charter, the Leviites stormed the castle, killed anyone who stood in their way. Except for the royalty. They have different plans for the royalty. Despite the best attempts at stopping the Leviites, the Transtroms failed.

First, they injected each royal person with a serum to make them fall asleep. Then they were going to subject the royalty to the horrors that they subjected the common person - genetic testing, social experiments, torture and eventually death.

One day, Euphoria Transtrom awoke from her slumber. Realizing where she is and what had happened, she vowed to rescue herself and her friends and family,
and take back their kingdom!


The setting of the game is medieval fantasy with some sci fi and horror elements, such as genetic experimentation, guns, and even computers.

The reason for that is because the land of Perr is highly technologically advanced, due to the scientists who work under the Transtrom dynasty.

The Transtroms have been using their sciences for law and order type situations, to keep the muck at bay.

Graphics are done by Meg Underwood.  Music is done by Samantha Foster Sound.

Lucia Hill-Rains handle to programming and the direction.

She lives in Irving, TX with two cats. She also worked on Regicide, a web game that takes place in a different timeline, which is more about the
life of Princess Euphoria.


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