Adventure Ahead; Photographing Our National Parks
Adventure Ahead; Photographing Our National Parks

This project has already launched.

About this project



*Your National Park *VOTE* must be in one of The 48 contiguous states!*

 Here are some examples of my photography...






















Risks and challenges

So what's the catch? There really is no risk for the pledger, if I raise the money, you will receive the rewards! Even if the project only raises enough to get me to a single National Park, that is a huge success!

You guys are the ones who are putting forth the dollars, so I want you to have a say and be involved as much as possible--Which is why you get a vote on where I will go...This is just as much your project as it is mine...

Kickstarter is an incredible vessel for the unique and spirited creator, and I hope everyone will want to be involved!

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