Adore World's Smartest A.I. Powered Scale
Adore World's Smartest A.I. Powered Scale

This project has already launched.

Adore is a smart scale powered by Artifical Intelligence that allows you to be in charge of your health. It is just like going for daily visits to the specialist to see how your body is doing.
We have made Adore for everyone, you could be a runner, fitness enthusiast or anyone wanting to check up on your health. The great thing is the scale works for the whole family.

What’s Unique About The System?

Intelligence comes from our powerful cloud that runs our AI algorithms. The system not only provides computation of all the metrics, trending, and graphing but combines your goals and profile into a series of easy to follow-up steps that are dynamically adjusted. Furthermore, it will help to set your training plans, review progress, along with many customization options.

Real-Time Coaching
Adore smarten up your day and exercise routine by providing you the right plan and guidance during the process.Real-Time Coaching

Data Analysis
AI powered Adore knows more about you and is able to provide more precise health tips after each measurement on a daily basis.

Goal-Run Guidance
Adore knows so much about you that makes her capable of guiding you to acheive your health and fitness goals at your best pace.

Health Tips
Throughout the day, Adore takes good care of you by reminding you little things in life that you didn’t pay attention to, such as drink more water, or stand up and stretch your body.

Health Community
Together with DynoLife app, we would love users to know you are never alone in your health and fitness journey. You can always chat with your friends or your specialists via the app and get support.

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