Adopt a SnodBOT
Adopt a SnodBOT

This project has already launched.

The first SnodBOT - DUP-1 or "Duppy" for short - will stand 6" tall with multiple points of articulation. Duppy will have the design quality of a designer toy and the pose-ability of an action figure. Duppy will be offered unpainted or painted for an additional $30 add-on.

This will be a limited edition run. Once these toys are made, this model will not be reproduced again.



What We Need & What You Get

For the initial run of the "Duppy" model I am seeking $6500. I have a whole host of awesome perks! Aside from the toys themselves I'm offering limited edition print, stickers, mini-fig toys and HAND PAINTED SNODBOTS!




If you would like to get the SnodBOT sticker pack and limited edition prints in addition to your SnodBOT Duppy toy please add $25 to your "Adopt a SnodBOT" contribution.


If you would like your "Duppy" SnodBOT painted please add $30 to the price of your "Adopt a SnodBOT" contribution.


If we meet or exceed $7500 in pledges everyone who made a $50 or more pledge will get an additional alternate art-deco style "rocket" head with their Duppy figure. This head will easily snap on and off using the ball joint system the figure is built around.

More about the Project

Your contributions will primarily go towards getting the toy manufactured. If we exceed our initial goal some funds may go towards increasing the production run. Funding will also go towards rewards, marketing costs, packaging and shipping costs.

Ideally the toys will be ready for shipment by December 2016 or January 2017. Having limited quantities of these will make them highly collectable among toy and art collectors alike. Think of these as three dimensional limited edition prints.

By contributing to this campaign you will be helping me expand my brand, and getting these designer toys created is the first step.

About the Artist:

The first SnodBOT - Duppy - was illustrated and designed by Craig Snodgrass. Craig Snodgrass is an artist who draws uncannily human robots. Snodgrass' robot illustrations have a distinct style and expression that make a connection to people from all walks of life.

Snodgrass has been drawing these robots (SnodBOTS) for years, but now it is time to take these characters beyond the page and into the 3rd dimension. 


Other Ways You Can Help

  • Are you a collector or in the toy industry? A patron of the arts? Make sure you share this with your fellow collectors.
  • Do you have a blog or a podcast?
  • Looking for sponsorship? Contact with your advertising rates.
  • Use the social media shareing tools to help get the word out!

If you are a fan of collectible toys or appreciate the arts I think you'll see this project as a worthy investment.

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