"Add it Up" Music Video & STR Tour Support


Our song "Add It Up" is hitting the RADIO across the United States on January 14th, 2014 and we would love (and so need) your help!!

Hi Prefundia Friends and Kickstarter Fans!! This is Shawn, Mike, TL & our NEWEST MEMBER Joe Cosas, from "Save The Radio"!! We are a band from Tampa/St Pete, FL and we were wondering if you might want to help us!

HERE'S THE ISSUE!!!! We don't have a lot of TIME!! That's why we are launching a 22 Day KS!!  

We need to have a video ready 2-3 weeks after the release of our song on radio!! We weren't dragging our guitars & sticks about getting this done, this all just happened to us in the last few weeks. So no one's more happily surprised than US, but we NEED HELP!! 

And with your help we can MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

TazBull Records has backed the recording of our NEW EP, but it's on US to get a great music video done for it, as well as get to the Red Gorilla Music Fest in Austin, Texas during MUSIC WEEK/SXSW where we will be performing 3 showcases! 

We have a fun idea for our video, a great location to shoot, a great team to produce/shoot/edit, a whole lot of awesome family & friends that are willing to help and we also have all the shows booked for the mini tour!! But what we don't have is…well you guessed it, all those pieces of paper with the Presidents' faces on it!! 

We tried PRINTING them ourselves but that was a BUST : ) and apparently I.O.U's on bar napkins will only get you a good laugh!

Our 5 state Spring mini tour kick-off show starts @Pineapple Willie's in Panama City, Fl, with 6 more stops along the Gulf Coast including Mobile, AL, New Orleans, LA., Houston, TX, then rolling into Austin for 3 showcase performances @the Red Gorilla Music Festival!! 

Here is our NEW SINGLE: "Add It Up" that's going to radio... (click the link below) 

SAVE THE RADIO: www.savetheradiomusic.com

I think you can get a good sense of who we are from our EPK (electronic press kit) video...



“Save The Radio, a Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida based modern rock band has been drawing industry comparisons to such iconic adult contemporary acts as Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox Twenty.
 Mixing the neo-Motown vocals of Gavin Degraw, post-punk soundscapes of The Psychedelic Furs and the raw grit power-rock of Foo Fighters, Save The Radio brings a driving spirit and synergy to their radio-friendly rock side while exposing a soulful, melancholy bliss to their vulnerable alter-ego. -The Indie Spirit-

Based in Tampa/St. Petersburg's, FL. "Save The Radio" members are...

  • Shawn Scheller - lead vocals/guitar/bass
  • Michael Mackewice - vocals/lead guitarist
  • TL Jentgens - drums/percussions
  • Joe Cosas - piano/bass/cello/mandolin/violin

Signed to newly formed TazBull Records in May, 2013, "Save The Radio" is the first band leading the way for this indie label. Their 5 song EP will be released March, 2014.

LA Radio Promotor Howard Rosen is promoting "Add It Up" for a 10 week national radio campaign beginning Jan.14th, 2014. 

Howard Rosen has work with such bands as Green Day,  Hilary Duff, Nickelback,  Bon Jovi, Norah Jones, Janet Jackson,  Jason Mraz, Theory of a Deadman and many more.




cineMOOK films to lead our Music Video project. Some previous Music Videos.

 "Add It Up" MUSIC VIDEO: 

So when it comes to the music video, we don't want to give away ALL of the details, (plus we're still ironing out a few : ) but we can tell you this… 

it will be shot at one of the oldest Drive-In Movie Theaters still in operation in the country, the Silver Moon Drive-In, located in Lakeland, FL, (built in 1949). 


it will involve a classic car…

...an "old photograph"

and YOU!!!

With a Pledge of $100 we'll put your photograph, home movies or video in our music video!! 

But WAIT...it's not THAT easy : )

The song "Add It Up" was written honoring GREAT LOVES where one of them has passed on and the message of HOPE that one day they will reunite in the next life and forever more!

So whether it's you, your parents, your grandparents or a friend or neighbor who may have said goodbye to a great love, we're looking for a way to honor those couples who (for now) only spend time together in their hearts and dreams! 

Get CREATIVE!!! Our goal is to make something SPECIAL and something we can ALL be proud of!! 


All photos or video must be digital. Sorry, we can't afford to convert your home movies, that ones on you! : )

We'll contact you by email after your $100 donation with the specs for the photo or video. Please be sure to include contact info and the FIRST & LAST NAMES of the couple you are honoring.


(REWARD #4) Who is that one "GREAT LOVE" you want the WORLD to know about?? You will get to dedicate the "Add It Up" music video!! Your photo or video will appear at the very end of the music video, with YOUR DEDICATION!!! (i.e. Dedicated to Judith & Tom Johnson "To my love, Judith!! I'm sorry I'm always late! : ) Forever yours, Tom)"

THE SHOOT: Our video will take to the AIR!! Director/Editor Rob Reilly, along with Precision Aerial Filmworks will be bringing our music video to NEW HEIGHTS!! 

Click here to Watch the Camera-Copter in Action

Visit Precision Aerials FilmWorks to see more of their stunning and unique aerial work. 


If our project is fortunate enough to receive the funding, "Save The Radio" will perform an ONLINE CONCERT on "Stage It" for our KickStarter Backer Family. Time & Date 


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