Adaptalux Glow - The Adaptable LED Flashlight, Lamp and Lantern
Adaptalux Glow - The Adaptable LED Flashlight, Lamp and Lantern


The Glow is a patent-pending multi-functional light, designed to easily integrate into your lifestyle. The Glow combines an LED flashlight with an LED lamp. Smart sensing technology detects its position and switches dynamically between the lamp and flashlight. With 9 easy to select modes, Glow is your personal and adaptable light for home, work and recreation.




The Adaptalux Glow is the ultimate multi-functional flashlight, lamp and lantern for your home. Sleek modern design and functionality in a classic flashlight profile. Variable brightness and colour controls within 9 easy to use modes. Designed from the ground up to include dynamic smart sensing technology – fluidly switch between use as a flashlight and a lamp.

A tool as useful as a flashlight shouldn’t be hidden away in a kitchen drawer or the garage. We have made the Glow an item you will want to show off in the hallway, the bedroom or the lounge – places you most often need some extra light!

Take the Glow outdoors. Its versatility and adaptability make it the ideal camping and travel accessory. Hours of rechargeable, replaceable battery life to be your companion in the wilderness, or just the hiking trail.

  • Smart Sensing Technology
  •  Included rechargeable battery
  •  Wireless charging stand
  •  Magnetic head 
  •  Colour changing LEDs
  •  Variable brightness
  •  Weather Proof


The Glow is an evolution of the classic ‘home’ flashlight. With its recognisable and familiar profile it has been re-imagined into an innovative product, to meet the needs of a modern day lifestyle.

At its heart is the aerospace grade aluminium core that allows for effective heat transfer and reflects the light from the LED Lamp outwards. Customisation is incorporated into the design, allowing you to choose from various anodised colours to make the Glow suit you and your home.The core, machined aluminium head and and high quality CREE LED chips ensure a robust and long lasting product.

Dynamic Smart Sensing

The Glow senses when it is being used as a flashlight or a lamp, changing instantly and dynamically when it is needed. This makes it easy to illuminate your surroundings quickly and instinctively.

When the head is not set against a surface, the flashlight beam will be active.

Set the head of the flashlight face down and lamp will activate without leaving you in the dark.

Wireless Charging

The Glow has built in rechargeable batteries. These are easily accessible for replacement, so you can be prepared for long periods without power.

An included USB wire means you can charge your Glow from a phone power pack, or car charger, as well as a mains outlet while away from home.

When at home, the Glow attaches wirelessly to the custom designed charging station. The wireless charging station can be attached with screws or adhesive pads to most surfaces and walls. The magnet in the flashlight head keeps the glow securely attached to the base station at any angle.

When charging, a soft glow will emit from the base of the stand to help you find the Glow if the lamp is switched off.

9 Selectable Modes

The Glow is designed with a modern elegance, to seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle. When turned off, the colour of the metal core can be seen through the defused window. Match your Glow core to your tastes and decor, several colours will be available at launch.

The Included wrist strap can be removed and changed to suit your needs and an optional belt clip is in development. Options will be available at launch.

Adaptalux Glow Dynamic Mode

Dynamic Mode

Twist the head to dynamic mode to turn on the default function for the Glow. Dynamic mode allows you to use the Glow with either the LED flashlight in the head, or the colour changing LED lamp in the handle.

Smart Sensor technology detects if the glow is being used as a flashlight or lamp and switches between the two automatically.

Pick the lamp up and it becomes a flashlight, put the flashlight down and it becomes a colour changing lamp. Easy!

Adaptalux Glow Candle Mode

Candle Mode

Candle mode works just like dynamic mode when using the flashlight, but when placed down to use the lamp, a natural flame-like flicker will provide a beautiful candle effect.

Set the mood on a quiet evening at home, without the need for an open flame. The colour and brightness of the lamp can be changed using the control buttons for a relaxing and atmosphere.

Adaptalux Glow Nightlight Mode

Nightlight Mode

Set the Glow down in nightlight mode and the coloured mood lights in the lamp will dim to a low level. The nightlight can then be set to off, a low light, or a soft and soothing, pulsing light.

Need something in the night? Pick up the nightlight to activate the torch, find your way without needing to turn on the lights. A good mode for leaving on the charge stand, with the torch ready to go!

Adaptalux Glow Alarmclock Mode

Alarm Mode

Fall asleep and wake up naturally. Alarm mode uses the LED lamp to simulate sunset and sunrise. Set the number of hours you would like to sleep for, and the lamp will slowly dim down to nothing. When the timer is up, the glow will slowly bring coloured light into the room to aid with a natural and energising sleep cycle.

The flashlight will illuminate when picked up if you need something in the night, without interfering with the lamp timer.

Adaptalux Glow Lavalamp Mode

Lava Lamp Mode

The LED Lamp will transition through all of its colours when placed down in this mode. You can vary the speed of the transition using the control buttons. A relaxing and mesmerising mode to use in a darkened room, or a great way to add some colour to that dull corner without the slow warm-up times and heat hazards of a lava lamp.

Like the other modes, the LED flashlight will still activate when picked up, and the lava colours will start again when replaced.

Adaptalux Glow lamp Lock Mode

Lantern Mode

Switch to this mode to use the Glow as an LED lantern for camping, working in dark environments or just to get the most light possible. This mode will lock on both the flashlight and lamp so the smart sensor will no longer switch one off in favour of the other.

Use the hand strap to hang the glow in your tent, campsite or caravan to create a spotlight with an ambient coloured glow. Attach the diffusion cap to spread and soften the light from the flashlight.

Adaptalux Glow lamp Lock Mode

Lamp Lock

Force the lamp on without using the flashlight. Use this mode to disable the dynamic switching to the flashlight when the glow is away from a surface, or if a particular surface interferes with the sensors. You will be able to change colours and brightness of the lamp in this mode, as usual.

This setting is also great as an alternative to lantern mode if you just want an ambient coloured light and not the torch beam at the same time.

Adaptalux Glow flashlight Lock Mode

Flashlight Lock

Twist the head until it stops to activate this mode and lock the LED flashlight on in any situation. The dynamic sensing will be deactivated and the beam will stay on regardless of environment or position. This mode ensures you always have a powerful torch/flashlight at your disposal in the easiest to select mode.

Press the control buttons in this mode to change the brightness of the beam and toggle an SOS flash for attracting attention.


We will be launching the kickstarter in the coming months, we welcome all feedback and comments and hope to see the Glow in the hands of backers soon!

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