Acumen's Pathway
Acumen's Pathway

The Acumen's Pathway. Are you ready to tread this path?

I suppose you are looking for a mental effort challenge. Well, you found it.
Acumen's Pathway is a brain training, challenging and addictive game, that will require all your acumen and concentration.

Make your SEQUENCE. UNITE them.

Your objective is very simple: You must unite the dots of the same color. For that, just fill the pathway using the right sequences. Remember: pathways must not overlap each other.

★ Addictive puzzles
★ Over 1000 different levels
★ Packs with different difficulty levels
★ Free hints, in case you are stuck
★ Beautiful clear color scheme
★ Acumen and brain training
★ Recommended for all ages
★ Share your results with your friend in Twitter, What's App, Etc...

Coming soon...

Check the website and stay tuned:

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