Active Voice The Comic Collection
Active Voice The Comic Collection

This project has already launched.

Real life adventures of an Asian-American, Lesbian, Feminist Activist and her Friends! (in comic form!)

"Active Voice" started as a column written by me (P. Kristen Enos) in the LGBT Orange County & Long Beach Blade Newsmagazine in 1994. It was an opportunity for me to share random stories as an Asian-American, Lesbian, Feminist Activist in ultra-conservative Orange County, California (nestled between Los Angeles and San Diego.) A lot of my stories involved my friends (who were also activists) and co-workers.

The column originally ran for about 4 years in The Blade before I ended it due to just general activist burn-out. But I resurrected it in various forms: on the internet, in the revamped Blade California and in a zine format launched earlier this year. The zine format allows me to reprint original columns with new commentary, tell stories behind some of my photography assignments and present new columns.

Due to collaborating with comic artists for fiction projects, I was inspired to launch comic-versions of some of my original AV anecdotes as well as sharing new ones.

As a result, we've created the following book:

A full color cover by Dan Parent (of Archie Comics fame).

14 stories drawn by a team of international artists: Casandra Grullon and Beth Varni (U.S.), Leesamarie Croal (Scotland) and Derek Chua (Singapore). The interior of the book consists of 120 black & white pages. The stories in this collection are primarily from my days in the UC Irvine Gay & Lesbian Student Union and my corporate world.

One story is a special collaboration with Heidi Ho, a friend from my days as UC Irvine and now an Assistant Professor at University of San Francisco School of Law.

Examples drafts of some stories are posted on my website:

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