Achilles Force Amplifying Knee Braces
Achilles Force Amplifying Knee Braces

This project has already launched.

The Achilles is a force amplifying knee brace designed to help you run faster, jump higher and fall further, while being slim enough to be worn over or underneath your clothes! 

We have personally funded and built the Achilles to this point. We have developed it through 4 versions to varying levels of success. We even broke a few components along the way! We are now settled on the final design and configuration.

We're hoping to raise the funds to get the design fully realised in mass production. Our fully functioning prototype has been tested and we are now ready to begin the production process. The money we raise will be used to secure materials sourcing and a UK-based engineering and fabrication firm and then get the first 1000 unit batch of the Achilles manufactured. We plan to have the entire production, engineering, assembly and packaging process performed in the UK. The aluminium body will need to be engineered, the hubs and cowling injection moulded, the remaining standard components bought in bulk and the entire unit assembled, ready for packaging and dispatch.

We have secured quotes from several manufacturing firms and materials sourcing companies for the production of the Achilles and will push the process forward once funding is secured.

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