Abuelita's Guatemalan Cookbook
Abuelita's Guatemalan Cookbook

My family and I immigrated from Guatemala to the US 24 years ago. We brought my grandparents to start a new life in North Carolina. As this was hard for them to do they knew it was the right thing. My Grandmother has been one to always bring the family together with her fine authentic cooking with many recipes that have been around for many generations. Growing up with these recipes we have always had a "Taste" of Guatemala in our home and it seems like we never left our beautiful country. With that said these recipes have never been recorded and I have been inspired to do this project creating a cookbook that will have many of these recipes from my grandmother and family stories and pictures attached to them. I currently live in Hawaii studying at Brigham Young University, I am planning to fly home this upcoming summer and measure out these recipes and record them along with family stories that will inspire the world. 


$5- Signed recipe picture by Abuelita

$10 Five Authentic Guatemalan Recipes

$25 You will receive a Free Cookbook

$30 Have cookbook and autographed by Grandmother

$100 A skype cooking lesson interview that will include a shopping list and we will cook together over skype.

$1000 Homemade Guatemalan handbag

$2000 Fly you to my hometown and spend a whole weekend eating good food and spending time with the coolest and craziest Guatemalan family

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