Absolute Zero: Cyberpunk Science Fiction Novel
Absolute Zero: Cyberpunk Science Fiction Novel

This project has already launched.

I'm proud to launch my latest book offering, Absolute Zero, the second novel in the Absolute Knowledge series, which is currently 102,000 words (~400 print pages) in length. I completed my Kickstarter campaign in January for the first book, Absolute Knowledge, and successfully fulfilled backer rewards on time despite some minor setbacks. You can check out my previous Kickstarter campaign right here.  

This time around, with the knowledge I learned from the first campaign, I'm expecting a much smoother process and faster turn-around time for the project. 

Absolute Zero is currently with my editor, and I will begin final revisions and paperback formatting once I have received my files back from her in the coming days. This campaign has a shorter time frame and a lower project funding goal because it's going to be published no matter what. The point of the project is to give you, the reader, an opportunity to pick up signed physical copies that won't be available otherwise. 

Absolute Zero will be printed as a ~400-page 6"x9" trade paperback novel with a matte finish.

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