Abandon: a short film about at risk youth
Abandon: a short film about at risk youth

This project has already launched.

About the Project

Abandon is a sensitive dramatic piece about lives of children with scarred childhood and how they find routes to survive. My association to the cause of childcare can be traced back to volunteering with non profit organizations that relocate abandoned children from Train junctions to group homes. These efforts to save them from delinquency, substance abuse or sex trade often proved futile because of a questionable efficacy of group homes. 

This film is an effort to harness my artistic potential to make a change, to give voice to the mute. In order to be honest in portrayal, me and my team have consulted non profits, children and social workers who have worked in foster care facilities.

Here's one story covered by KCRA 3 news.

Here's an inspiring journalistic documentary based on the theme.
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A bit about me.

I am a 23 year old filmmaker from New Delhi, India whose passion lies in telling stories about self-effacing human emotions and experience. A Mathematics graduate from Delhi University’s Ramjas College, I was thoroughly involved in Delhi’s Theater circuit and Independent filmmaking during his college years. A deep sense of narrative observation and a knack for visually striking cinema is what I pursue. It led me to a Masters degree at the School of Film and Television, Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.
My last project, God on leash was well received at the Cannes Film Festival 2016.It is now being represented by Gonella Productions, based out of Southern France.

Here's a video interview published by The Quint .

A few newspapers wrote about it too.



What We Need & What You Get

Your donations would help bring this film to life. We need funding for:

1. Feeding the Crew : As student filmmakers, we are driven by passion rather than payments.  Food and snacks on set fuel that passion. Crew loves warm meals.

2. Production Design : Chasing the authenticity in portrayal, your contributions would help us dress the set to perfection.

3.Studio Teacher : We are required by law to provide an on set teacher for our child actors. Jobs shouldn't curtail learning for the young. Right? 

4. Casting Director : Just like the lead characters,their portrayal is challenging. We have collaborated with House Casting , LA's leading casting agency who agreed to help out on a nominal charge , for the love of the script. No mean feat!

5. Festival Fees : We wish to bring this film to a wider audience. Unfortunately, festival entry costs money (Typically, $60 each) and they add up quickly. We will try to write as many passion letters as I can, for the times they don't work we have your contributions. 

Your Perks would include some amazing artpieces in the form of Merchandise, Jewellery boxes, photobooks and cufflinks hand crafted by young, local artists based in India.

The Impact

Considering you would be funding a cause based film and supporting highly motivated young artists, we are working towards a collaboration with California based children's organizations to bring this film to group homes, fundraiser events and communities. We have collaborated with the City of Inglewood Parks and Recreation Department for locations and youth participation.

No stone would be left unturned to use this film as a major awareness tool. This is my ultimate goal, An attempt to make a difference.

Risks & Challenges

This project is ambitious but I would never ask for your contributions if I didn't have 100% belief in it. I have all things in place except funds to start this production. We have an exceptionally talented cast and crew on board. I am a filmmaker with a humble background and very limited means. This is the first time my personal savings are insufficient to meet the demands of my project. 

I am firm believer that Limited means never deter creativity. If you believe in me and this project, Please Donate.

Other Ways You Can Help

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