A Wonderful Welcome For Wonderful Everyday
A Wonderful Welcome For Wonderful Everyday


 What is Wonderful Everyday?

Wonderful Everyday” is the English localization of developer KeroQ’s title “Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~”, commonly abbreviated to simply “Subahibi”. “Wonderful Everyday” is an adult-oriented visual novel, produced and written by SCA-DI, which features dark themes and heavy philosophical explorations. The story follows the lives of Yuki Minakami, Zakuro Takashima, Takuji Mamiya, and others, during the weeks leading up to a significant event in all of their lives. The English release of “Wonderful Everyday” is hotly anticipated, and the original Japanese “Subarashiki Hibi” consistently ranks among the top titles on visual novel databases and ranking sites.

Gimme the details - when and where can I get it? Censorship? Mosaics?

The first chapter of “Wonderful Everyday”, “Down The Rabbit-Hole”, is planned to be released on Steam in late August at a price point of $29.99 USD. The remaining content of the game will be available at no cost in the form of a free adult content patch, which expands the Steam release to the full version of the game. This patch is planned to be released simultaneously with the Steam version of the game. The resolution of the game has been increased from its original release; additionally, the game will feature no mosaic censorship, and assets have been redrawn to accommodate this change. In the interest of full disclosure, one very short sequence featuring bestiality has been removed from this version of the game due to legal concerns. No other sections of the game have been edited for content in any way.

We do also want to assure everyone that, like all titles we publish, the English release of Wonderful Everyday has gone through the full localization process of translation, editing, and QC. Furthermore, the new upscaled English version (1280x960, made from the original 4:3 assets) of the game has been built at KeroQ by the same team that worked on the original Japanese release, to ensure maximum faithfulness to the intended product.

So what are you funding?

The Kickstarter campaign for Wonderful Everyday is planned to be launched on July 12. UPDATE: In order to make the campaign as robust as possible, we're pushing the launch back slightly to Monday, July 17 at 7PM PT. The purpose of the campaign will be to make physical copies of the English version of the game, as well as a wide variety of other goods, available to overseas fans for easy purchase. The base goal of the campaign is planned to be $80,000, and currently two stretch goals delivering new content are planned, and will be announced when the campaign launches.

Alongside the physical English version of the game, the Kickstarter rewards will include a soundtrack CD set, artbook, heroine sets (drink tumbler, tapestry, dakimakura cover), a deluxe physical version with an outer box, and a replica plush toy. There will also be a number of limited edition specialty rewards, such as signed items, original shikishis, and even one jumbo-sized full-color original artwork panel. Special add-on only rewards are also planned to be included in the campaign.

Limited Early Bird tiers for some rewards will be available, so check back here later in the week to get the final launch date and be prepared to grab those as soon as they go up!




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