A Travel Project to Bring Love Back into the World
A Travel Project to Bring Love Back into the World

Global Love Fund wants to accomplish 2 things. 

The first is to inspire and reward positive actions. 

The online community will provide a place to share and inspire other community members to do good deeds. The forums are an outlet for sharing and also a way for members to connect and grow. Each interaction in the community and with Global Love Fund Youtube vidoes will give members points, that they can trade in at the shop. 

The second is to reach every corner of the globe.

Ambitiuos? Yes Possible? Absoulutely!

The members of GLF, Jennifer and Brandon, plan to travel to every single country in the world to spread the message. Jennifer has already been to 15 countries and has a good sense of budget travel. Brandon is a very skilled filmographer who already has multiple popular videos on Youtube. Over a 4 year period, they will be breaking world records as the first Americans to visit every UN country. During their travels, they will buy a meal for someone in every country, film it, and post it for their veiwers. To each person they buy a meal for, they will give a Love Fund Card and the assurance that some day that person will pay the good deed forward and pass on the card. Here's a little more about how the Love Fund Card works:

We believe that by taking on the radical idea of breaking world records and spreading love to every country, it will be a huge inspiration and incentive to grow the community. The best part is, that every step will documented and able to spread the love even futher through the viral space. Even if acts are small, we know one good deed can create a long lasting cycle that will impact the world. Join the #GlobalLoveMvmt. 

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