A Taste of Senegal Restaurant in Leimert Park Village
A Taste of Senegal Restaurant in Leimert Park Village

"★★★★★ I had this for lunch today and the food was absolutely amazing. I grew up on Senegalese food and A Taste of Senegal is as good as it gets (as good as any plate you could get in Dakar). The Thiebou Dieune will give you so much life and Soupe Kandia was equally awesome." - Amie Darboe

“…The flavors of the chicken dish were A-MAZ-ING! Why not make a vegetarian version of that?” – Nyka Kwon

“Your food was wonderful last night! The [Jolof rice] and lamb taste better than what was served at Taste of Soul. You stepped up your game!!!!” – Ndella Davis Diassy

“Truly Remarkable & Tasty!!!! Shrimp maafe & Jollof rice, mmmm & yum!! Thank you for your Heart & soul into these foods!!” XOXOXO - Darrin Margulies

“A Taste of Senegal, if you taste this food, you will have this catering service on your speed dial. I promise you.” - Azizzah Rahim


A Taste of Senegal, LLC is looking to open, in its first year of operation, a Senegalese casual-dining food restaurant in Los Angeles' very own Leimert Park Village – featuring early morning cafe hours, exquisitely exotic lunch and dinner specials, ambient cultural music, all presented within a tropical indoor/outdoor dining atmosphere. We are looking to serve a minimum capacity twenty-four guests in out take-out/dine-in establishment with the following dual shift line-up: 2 servers 2 line cooks 1 bussers 1 chef 1 cashier

Hours of operation will be Sunday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Saturday: 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The fundamentals of this enterprise are to (1) inspire the re-connection of Americans born of the African Diaspora to our African heritage, and (2) promote the celebration of Senegalese traditions within the cultural arena that makes Los Angeles so captivating and beloved – all through its wondrously exquisite cuisine, hypnotic music and dance, and creative art. While our primary goal will be to open a small restaurant within a culturally relevant community such as Leimert Park Village, the ultimate goal is to expand into a more spacious establishment within this community – offering fair-trade retail and art by Senegalese artists, as well live musical entertainment however developing a “green” operation. Additionally, with the expectation of enticing a grand following of our exotic and rich culture cuisine™, we intend to host bi-annual travel tours to the beauty country of Senegal through the LLC, all to be achieved within the three-years of operation.

Our sights are set on leasing and acquisitioning a move-in ready facility located on the heavily trafficked Crenshaw Boulevard near the developing Crenshaw/LAX Metro Transit Project. A business opportunity to take over a leased space that has been recently renovated, fully equipped with a moderate rent of $1,900 per month has been presented. With the local community improvements and infrastructure developments taking place, we believe this is a grand opportunity to capitalize on the growing interest our company has helped initiate. However, in order to move forward on this, we would need financing of $52,000 to cover acquisition and "kickstart" operation costs.

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