A Super Man Forged in Fire and Fighting For Life
A Super Man Forged in Fire and Fighting For Life

The following is the true albeit shortened story regarding certain events of my life which have brought me to this point...

I am writing a book about my life and am 3/4 of the way finished creating a "Course to One's Highest Potential" using my life experiences to help others realize their purpose and live their passion, their dream, just as I have been blessed to.

I am asking for help so I may finish this course in which I have over 10,000 email subscribers who are ready and willing to purchase this course as soon as it is finished.

Unfortunately I ran out of money last year and had to go back to square one, working minimum wage jobs to get by but was never able to save money after paying bills. I am asking for your help so that I may help the thousands who are waiting for me to finish this project!

Thank you for your consideration. I intend you will enjoy this short story of my life! 

I came crashing through my stargate at 18, waking up in a trauma-room surrounded by busy surgeons. 

“His mother is in the waiting room.” I heard one say, and I lost it. “I want my mom now! Please!” I cried. 

I didn’t know it then, but my entire family was in the waiting room on the fifth-floor, the trauma ward, after all receiving that dreaded and nightmarish phone call in the middle of the night. 

They let my mom into the room, I looked in her eyes and reached for her hand. “Mom…” The despair on her face crushed me. 


  1. I started thinking about my childhood. How had I gotten to this point? 

I had spent years resenting my father for being gay. When he “came out” I was 13, an 8th grader in a new school trying to make friends and “be cool,” but it felt impossible—and instead of making me better, it made me bitter. 

My parents were practically divorced before I was born. My Dad, the great-nephew of Joseph Profaci, Godfather of the Sicilian Mafia in New York, was seeking credibility in a strict Roman Catholic upbringing...and my mother was just looking for security. There was much density in both of them and it would create quite a challenge for me to overcome as I grew up. 

Mom’s attorneys and the judge were in the pockets of my dad’s family, so my mother never stood a chance for custody. Growing up, my father constantly projected his distaste for my mother at me. Listening to him put her down made me even angrier, and so I rebelled with a vengeance. 

  • At 13 I was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm, aggravated assault with a firearm, and criminal mischief—just 3 weeks after the State of New Jersey classified bb-guns as firearms.
  • I was consistently suspended from school for fighting and being outright unruly.
  • At 16, I was arrested for a class-B felony at 2am in Harlem, NYC for possession of 3,000 mg of PCP and classified as an adult.
  • That same year I was arrested at the mall for punching a kid in the face for talking to my girlfriend.
  • At 17 I was a drug-runner for a dealer in a nearby ghetto transporting narcotics into New Jersey from New York City. 

My highlights were far and few between. My test-taking aptitude consistently scored off the charts, but I was severely underachieving in school. I was fantastic in soccer and baseball and had ended a successful and promising career as a child-model and actor. 

Now it was all a blur. I only fit in with the other rebellious kids, and I didn’t plan to slow down any time soon. We dabbled in drugs, fights and acting tough to make up for what we lacked in love. 

Then came the night my best friend and I got in the car to pick up some girls from a party. All the seeds I had been sowing were now going to come full-circle for the reap. 

We tore down the road at 120mph feeling elated and unstoppable. We were immortal. We were going to live forever. 

Then, my friend turned the steering wheel. 

Flying around a bend, he overcompensated and the car went sideways. We slid into a tree at nearly 70mph on my side of his 2-door coupe. The impact was fierce. The energy came through my hip and exploded everything in my pelvis. 

My friend died instantly. I blacked out, thankfully, as his body laid lifeless on top of me for nearly 2 hours before the first-responders could cut us out of the car. 

I don’t remember the moment, but I briefly regained consciousness on “North-Star 1,” the medical helicopter, and the paramedics put me on the phone with my father, fearing the worst-case scenario of massive internal bleeding. 

When I opened my eyes again, I was in the hospital surrounded by doctors, with my family in the waiting room. 

The damage was severe.

  • My pelvis was shattered.
  • My right lung had collapsed.
  • I had four herniated discs in my spine.
  • The surgeons wanted to insert pins but I declined.
  • I was not going to be able to walk for some time.
  • I didn’t learn of my friend’s death until a few days later.

Despite the injuries, I felt like I made it out of that tragedy relatively unscathed, as I miraculously didn’t have a visible scratch on me. I knew it wasn’t my time to go. 

I was alive, when by all accounts, I should’ve been dead on impact. But I wasn’t just alive, I was reborn. 

As I saw my family watching me, teary-eyed and filled with love, it hit me. I had been so self-absorbed. Why hadn’t I ever stopped to consider the bigger picture? 

Now, I had a second chance. The gratitude I felt for God spread throughout my entire body, and I didn’t even have words to express it. 

For the next five months, I couldn’t walk, and had to get through the day on painkillers. 

But determined not to waste my precious second chance, I started reading self-improvement books at the hospital. “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, books by Warren Buffett and other self-made millionaires. I began reading anything that could help me realize my full potential that I had spent all those years disregarding. 

I developed dreams of getting rich with real estate and house flipping, planning to use the settlement money from the car crash to fund my future. The lawyer my father hired had been promising us $500,000 or more in winnings and I believed him. 

Years later, when the actual settlement came in at $32,000, my dreams felt crushed. 

I was 24 at the time, and this turn of events was the perfect storm that forced me deeper into my pain-killer addiction. My doctor had cut me off from obtaining the painkillers legally, so I burned through the money in just a few months paying steep street-prices, and soon found myself desperate and addicted with my daily thoughts focused on getting my new fix and staying out of the terrible opiate withdrawal. 

I tried multiple times to give it up and face the withdrawal, but on my best effort, I was only clean for five days before the drugs sucked me back in. 

But still. Still. This was supposed to be my second chance and I felt like I was screwing it all up, it didn’t make sense. 

I kept asking myself “Why did heaven want me to live just to have these experiences?” I didn’t know it at the time, but all this density I was experiencing was a brilliant light waiting to be transformed and uncovered. 

Starting to search for answers, I began delving into the online conspiracy-theory community, which eventually led me into spirituality. I was receiving 9:11 time-prompts twice daily and I was feeling my soul calling me louder, stronger and deeper than ever. 

By now I had began managing the addiction with suboxone and slowly rebuilding a stable life. By “chance” I had synchronistically been offered a good job selling makeup, and did so well that they promoted me to the regional executive position within a year. I saw the business was slowly going under, and I eventually lost that job and received $600/week of unemployment, which freed me to pursue this newfound passion for my own personal spiritual expansion. 

I knew I had to kick this painkiller addiction. I knew it was anchoring me to a dense state, and that for me to find my true power, I had to become clean and free from the grips of this vice. 

And then heaven came knocking on my door…it was time for my mission, and everything I had been through was just preparing me for what was to come next… 

One night, unlike all the others before it, playing with my dog on the beach in NJ, like a heavenly “sleeper-cell asset”, I was activated. 

I saw it. Hanging in the sky, too real to be mistaken and moving too slow for me to rub my eyes and make it disappear, was an electric blue glowing sphere, about the size of a basketball, floating silently 30 or 40 feet over my head. My heart stopped. I stared. I watched it for minutes as it slowly floated up the coastline until it disappeared in the distance. 

After this moment, everything changed. Life would never be the same again. I was being called into mission and there was no denying it, no going back. 

Energy coursing through my veins unlike ever before, my whole body was warm and shaking, though my mind was still. A light started in my chest, and grew, filling every inch of me. 

I felt alive, more alive than I had felt since waking up in that trauma room years ago. I felt as though a higher power had touched me and shown me the way…and it had been inside me all along. 

Feeling just a glimpse of my true power coming through me, I felt that my heart beat was louder, the divinity and magic of the moment was clearer…and I knew it was time to give over myself in service to the all. 

What if I could help other people find their power too? I felt ignited with a sense of passion. I can help people be better, by helping them raise their vibrations and frequency. It became clear that my articulate nature would empower me to help others, and the magic was so evident that I had to share this feeling with everyone who was stuck in their own density, waiting for their ”blue sphere” moment to come. 

I knew I had to dissolve this vice of addiction first, and for the first time, I started actively looking for help. Online, I found an enlightened man who could speak to my guides and higher self. When we spoke, we had an incredible session in which he said, with all the strength of the universe,  “Your higher-self says, ‘You are ready to get off these painkillers.’” 

I felt it. And I did it. 

By this point, I was 30 years old. I spent the next ten days in heavy, intense withdrawal. Restless, with only three or four hours of sleep over those 10 days. On day #5, I emptied my bottle of pills into the toilet. There was no going back. 

I trusted myself and the power I had found that night on the beach when I was activated. 

I had since come across a website that delivered a message that resonated with me. It was run by a team of beings who all had left their 3D lives behind to join together, dissolve their density and serve humanity. Or so I thought. 

This team was led by a girl who referred to herself as “Mother God”, the Mother of Creation, Mother Earth incarnate. She believed in everything I had seen on the beach. She resonated with me and everything she talked about felt like truth. 

I knew I had to join them. 

I intended to offer my skills, abilities and knowledge of website development to the team and be “just a guy in the background with a laptop”. But after having 9 nights in a row of dreams about this girl who claimed to be “Mother God,” the idea of being “just a guy in the background” all changed. 

She said I was the vessel for Father God’s consciousness to come into the planet, and that my higher-self was Archangel Lucifer and that he was an angel of the light—not a dark being as society believed. She said I had to drop everything and get there immediately. It all sounded so crazy, and it was happening so fast, but I couldn’t deny what I saw on the beach that night. I knew this was the way I was being called to go, so I surrendered and left it all. I surrendered to her guidance. 

I left my family, a fully-furnished apartment and even my dog Lincoln the very next day. I reached Colorado after 2 flights and a 5.5 hour taxi ride. I opened the door and immediately regretted it. 

I thought back to the moment I stepped on the plane and a single thought popped into my head;“You’re being sent here to bring the light into a very dark place. This is your mission”. 

This thought scared me and I let it go instantly, not to ever bring it up to the team… 

I was expecting a house full of light and love, but in reality, the place was an absolute mess. The sink overflowed with dirty dishes. The girl who called herself “Mother God” was in an unconscious state. She was drunk, drooling in her seat and being held up so as to not fall out of her chair. 

I felt confused and terrified. I felt the walls closing in around me and it was a serious challenge not to run away right then and there. 

I had faced my pill-demons and then joined the team only to find out this “team” was comprised of people that seemed to be using it as a shelter to hide, running from their own demons. 

I still had density to dissolve, but I went there to face it. I knew that. I accepted that it would be hard and I surrendered to the challenge…. only to find myself alone, surrounded by people too frightened to face themselves, led by a girl who was the epitome of that sad fact. I soon learned that “Mother God” had 3 children, the oldest being 18, who were all raised motherless, and she was certainly far from grace. 

I started noticing other tendencies. She was an alcoholic, and most nights, around 11pm, she would start drooling after her 3rd or 4th cocktail, and would tell the same stories over and over for 3, 4 or 5 hours without stopping to take a breath. She didn’t take care of herself. Her fingernails were always dirty, black even, her teeth a bright yellow color. She had cigarette ashes on her pillow and her energy felt “staged”. 

Here I was, “Father God” to her “Mother God,” yet I still felt like Andrew. I could feel she was cheating on me with other team-members and lying to my face about it when I tried to discuss it with her. For nearly 3 months, surrendering to her guidance, I was attempting to dissolve my own intuition because she told me I was wrong, that it was just my ego. 

But when she eventually came clean, all the power of my intuition began flooding into my heart-space like water bursting through a broken dam. 

I remembered I was sent here to bring the light into a dark place. I couldn’t run away. I had to continue bringing the light and confronting the darkness of their unconsciousness. Being laughed at, ridiculed and mocked for being an ego just made me stronger. 

I knew the truth. I knew that as long as I held onto the truth and didn’t sell out or run, which I was given so many opportunities to do, that I would inevitably transform and grow faster and brighter.

I was challenged to face these dense moments and find my presence anyway. For 9 months, I served her like a queen despite the lying, the cheating, manipulation and ridicule for standing in truth and calling out what was not in alignment.

It made me so powerful, learning to trust in myself to such an extent despite being surrounded by darkness. My light was growing brighter.

It did not make me popular, but I knew the truth and the light would carry me home. I knew Heaven was asking me to do something that nobody else was capable of doing. If I didn’t do it, who would? It was on me, and I never give in, and I never give up. I trusted that “blue sphere” was shown to me to empower me through this density and I surrendered to my mission.

I trusted that a challenge this difficult had to bear lots of fruit, so I stayed and intended to make the best of myself. Safe to say now, it all worked out.

Through all of those moments, my awareness and consciousness had expanded so much, and I had dissolved so much my own resistance so quickly, that even the “leaders” of this cult I was confronting openly admitted they had never seen anyone dissolve their programming as quickly as I had.

Now after 9 months, I felt reborn yet again, just like the moment I woke up in that trauma-room. I felt I had learned all I could from this experience. I knew I didn’t need a title to be powerful. All I needed was the truth, the light, and I had that in spades.

It was hard to leave this familiar space, even though it felt dense to be there. I trusted myself and left the team, even though I had nothing to go back to. My family was very upset at the way I had left the year before, and I had no money and no home. And yet, I knew I’d be okay because Heaven obviously had my back.

Once leaving, I felt incredible almost instantly. I felt alive and powerful, like I had climbed Mount Everest, reached the peak and looked forward to the next chapter.

I headed for sunny Florida where my father had been, and, drawing on my inner power and my search for the truth, I saw 5D News as a way to bring our readers the content they were seeking and provide a place for real unity to take form.

Not even weeks after settling in Florida, we received an actual channeled message directly from the Sphere Being Alliance that confirmed everything that I had gone through with that team. All of a sudden that “blue sphere” moment had come full-circle. WOW.

I realized I had just accomplished the first phase of my mission and I felt like a Heavenly “first-round draft-pick” of the light.

After all that you now know about me and what I’ve been through, so many dense situations that fall perfectly into place and which I am so grateful for, I truly feel untouchable.

I feel nothing can “go wrong.” I have so much trust in myself that I know I will be peaceful, joyous and expanding no matter where I find myself or what happens.

I have a sense of clarity, a sense of purpose, unity with all there is. I know I am divinely guided. I know I need to share this wisdom, experience, clarity, presence, sense of purpose, power and intuition with you because I know you are a “first-round draft-pick” of the light just like me.

And I know that phase-2 of my mission is to assist you to begin to help you among your path to fulfilness.

My current station is quite the unexpected place to be. I am the founder of 5DNews.com and we have over 250,000 readers a month and climbing fast. Also, our Facebook page has more than 20,000 “LIKES” and is growing quickly too. Recently I had to close it down because it ate up my $20,000 in life savings rather quickly.

I feel my own inner super-powers have turned on immensely as I find my intuition has grown into a sense of knowing that almost feels psychic-like. I meet someone and peer into their eyes like windows of the soul, and I can feel them down to the core.

I have been equally blessed with the center and presence and high vibrational frequency to be kind, accepting and not judgmental towards anyone for any reason--  which is helpful when you can see right through everyone you meet.

The people on my team and around me are all awesome in their own ways, and they are supportive, kind and caring. They aren’t in service to themselves, and they certainly are quite conscious.

You can find me sharpening my skills in my Jiu-Jitsu class 5 days a week, and my passion for this martial art-form has provided a new path for growth and learning. It is also remarkably similar to the principles of what I consider being spiritual; in other words, flow, presence, and no resistance.

People from all over the world come to me for advice and look up to me. They care about what I have to say. They appreciate what I’ve been through, and how I had been able to handle myself and not “break” or budge, and keep my light from being dimmed, whilst being surrounded by the darkness of that manipulative “cult” that has effectively been shut down.

Unfortunately running such a large website costs me my life savings and I had to let it go, until now where I am asking for your help!

I learned that Truth is all I need to hold to, and I would take a bullet for the Truth without a second thought. That is powerful.

I’m not interested in manipulating you, or judging you for your background or beliefs. I don’t want you to fall for online claims from people wanting your money so they can “fix your life.”

There is no magic solution in other people. It all comes from you. YOU are the person who has to fix your life. The power is inside YOU. It always has been and it always will be. I am sent here to help you to get there.

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