A rap album called 'Addict' by an artist named 'Tar'.
A rap album called 'Addict' by an artist named 'Tar'.

This project has already launched.

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I want to make a musical piece of work that will serve as a motivational tool and eventually as a movement, while dropping bars along the way. I am a half black, half white, American rapper with a Middle Eastern background. I know, it’s a mouthful ...

That’s also exactly why I will be able to transcend barriers and overcome obstacles as I have a multicultural understanding. Now a little about my life.... I have had an addictive personality since … well as far back as I can remember. It started with gaming, then girls and drugs, partying and so on.

 Eventually it led to prison and some reform and then back to some more evil until i met the girl of my dreams and she attempted suicide which really changed everything for me.

I used to smoke cigarettes and ate food to the point of being obese (and that's me being nice). I had little to no self control, but the one thing that I continued to do throughout all my experiences was write rap, music and poetry. Rhyme and hip-hop have always fascinated me, from when I was in high school and used to create diss tracks against the teachers to when I was in jail and wrote about my freedom. 

Music has been the only solid foundation in this shaky world. Now with the chains of addictions behind me and on the floor I know I need to keep moving forward, for without growth we slowly begin to die... Or sometimes worse, move backwards.  

I know I have overcome these addictions for a reason, I know how to do it, I know how to use mind over matter, not only have I proven it to myself but my girlfriend and brother have both been influenced and have done the same. 

Now I start to think about doing it for others, with the one thing that I have always loved and has mostly done good for this world – music. I already have the concept for the album, the tracks and the beats. The issue is that I need to purchase the beats in order to use them and one day hopefully preform them on stage. Another issue is that all the music I have recorded thus far has been in my room. I have never been to a studio as money or time have always been factors. Additionally I have never taken the music as seriously as I am now and hence I will need funds to produce the album as professionally as possible.   

I used to work in marketing in fact I was quite high up in the industry however I saw how it manipulated people for products and useless materialistic things that added no real value to one’s life. I mention this for two reasons, 1- I plan to release a product that will make a real difference in people’s lives – I guarantee that. 2- My marketing experience will allow me to use the funds so as to appropriately market myself to the world and gain the traction I need to become a fighting force against addiction.  

They say from dark clouds we get precious water, from dark mines we get valuable jewels and from dark times come our greatest lessons. Let my rock bottoms, become tracks and one day become a voice in someone’s head who stops him or her from injecting themselves, popping a pill or even better - makes them stand up and say 'NO' the next time their friends offer them drugs. 

For all those who have ever had an addict in their family, for all those who know that rap can sometimes be a force of evil and influence drug consumption instead of the opposite. For all those who want something new, different, creative and most important of all – positive. Help me and I promise I will help this world we live in.  

Proposed Budget:  

100 for beat/10 beats = $1,000  

Studio time ( two days ) = $1,500   

Mixing & Mastering = $500  

Marketing = $1,000

2 Music Videos = $1,000

Social Media Links: 

A rapper crossing cultural crossroads... 





Risks and challenges

Ok so the issues i foresee are:

- Beat purchasing and leasing. Considering i can get full access to all of the beats by the time the kickstarter is over this shouldn't be an issue. However if any unforeseen obstacles arise such as the instrumental no longer being available i may have to alter it which may cause a delay. But i am determined that with the multitude of beats out there this delay will only be due to matching the vocals to a new instrumental.

- Studio time. I have been warned that many artists don't do as well as they do when they are home and often choke when first entering the studio. While i do not think this will happen to me i am not cocky enough to assume that watchers do not make you act or perform different. Hopefully for the better. Regardless i have budgeted it so as to account for an extra session in case one does not go to plan.

- Marketing the album. Once it is made and produced i must market it, this may take time depending on the remainder of the budget as well how much i can invest into myself. While it may take some time to catch wind, i know it will. Patience is often rewarded, however i already have different campaigns and methods in mind to achieve this. Please feel free to give me a marketing or advertising ideas you may have - i love a good brainstorm!

- Music Videos: While i already have a whole storyboard and idea for a couple of the videos i am not too sure about the final outcome or quality as this will be the first time i direct a video similar to this one. However with every new challenge is a new lesson and a good time, so hopefully i can produce visual masterpieces to match the mojo of the music!

Thank you in advance!

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